Today I was asked to conduct a communion ceremony. Me!

From Catholic Chaplain to"" date 12 August 2010 10:03
Subject: Mass on Campus-15th Sept
mailed-by 10:03 (46 minutes ago)

Dear Fr Richard,  

We are thinking that it would be better not to change the day for the Mass during this semester since the students and staff members are already used to attending Mass
on campus on Wednesdays for a number of years now. If there is no possibility for another priest to come on the 15th of September to celebrate Mass, then we can just organise
another Communion service. 
As for next year, we understand what you're saying that Wednesday is not the best day for
you. It is possible to have it on another day as long as it's set at the start of the year and kept for the whole year. Tuesday seems to be  better than Thursday because there are more students on campus.
Please let us know what you think about this.

God Bless,


Dear Malou,

I believe you have sent this email to the wrong address.

Please your check your records and re-send so that Fr.Richard is aware of the news you intended for him to receive.

In any case I am an atheist!  I don't think you want me conducting communion or ministering to your flock! ;-)

I wish you the best in finding him.

Better luck next time.

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Ummm ... OOPS!!!
On the other-hand if they're willing to fly me to Australia, I might consider it. The Catholic Church not being short of a bob or two.
You should go and give them Chex cereal and Kool Aid. After giving the "communion", tell them what it was and that you asked Satan to curse it.


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