Today Show story about "miracle" after toddler drowns in tub.

I saw an update on a story that originally aired in March.  The original story was about a woman who was bathing her 16 month old son and stepped out of the batroom to check on another child who was not feeling well.  She got "distracted" and decided to clean the other child's room and fold laundry, when she returned to the bathroom awhile later her son was face down in the water.  She attempted CPR, and paramedics could not revive the child.  At the hospital initially he was pronounced DOA, but the doctors got a heartbeat and put him on a ventilator.  They suggested an experimental treatment called therapeutic hypothermia.  The child fully recovered, exceeding the expectations of the medical personnel.  The new story is about the boy learning to swim.  Instead of this story being a lesson on not leaving your child unattended in the tub, they completely made it about blessings and God's love and miracles.  Ugh, what a contrived story and I just love it how they reair it in December so everyone can go around praising God's Christmas miracles.  I want to thank the doctors for their amazing efforts in saving this child's life and I recommend that people here on the Nexus make comments on the Today Show, they need to hear it.




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Saw this on the TV this morning and was literally screaming at the TV at her stupidity. The "miracle" tone was also irritating. Makes for good holiday season TV, I suppose. Not surprising they'd show it, but I agree with you that they should be called out for not even mentioning the details about HOW the poor kid ended up in that lousy predicament.
It sounds to me like a story that supports forced sterilization. >.X

Seriously, they try a new SCIENCE method and when it works, they call it a "miracle." Sheesh.
You think the mainstream news is gonna let our comments go on the air uncensored? =P
Perhaps not on the air, but if you go to the today show website a lot of people have made like comments. At least they may take it into consideration before airing bad parents as almost killing their son as a miracle in the future.
She should be brought up on charges for child neglect or endangermant and at least be put on probation, having a social worker check on here from time to time.
"I was a fatally incompetent parent and God taught me a lesson, tee hee."

Meanwhile in Africa some obscene number of infants died because their parents have no food.

I'm feeling like going all Poe's Law on their comments.
Well, I posted on the forum. Here was my post.


I'm a father or two young boys. I never leave them unattended in a potentially dangerous situation. I understand people make mistakes and I do have empathy for them. That being said, there are laws that govern such situations and if a law was broken, I am sure the woman would have or is subject to them. Our opinion is irrelevant, though I can say I would not have invited the same situation and hope that the woman has learned her lesson.

As for the big reason that I feel this thread is so inflamed, the statement of it being a miracle and God intervening in this situation has a number of people upset. If it helps you live your life better to see a miracle in this, then so be it. But please remember that your judgment is subjective and self-reinforcing. Thousands of children starve to death in Africa every day, and there is no miraculous intervention despite the overabundance of food available in the world. To praise something that is unlikely as direct intervention of God and to place the credit on Gods' shoulders neglects the fact that non-intervention should also, in turn, be placed upon the shoulders of the almighty. God is responsible for a child being resuscitated through medical procedure, God is responsible for inactivity to save thousands of children through feeding.

I might further point out that without religion, our scientific knowledge would be a thousand years ahead of what it is now. Wars in dark ages, burning of Constantinople, arresting people for saying the earth is indeed Not the center of the universe, burning those who have an opinion that differs from mainstream religious understanding of the world. In effect, it is not because of God that this child was resuscitated and is now taking swimming lessons, it is despite God and despite religion that he does so.

Were religion to have its way, we would still think that the earth is the center of the universe, that the sun floated in heaven, and that people popped into being instead of evolving gradually over millions of years due to natural selection from our environment.

I love life and I have hope that people will step out of the dark ages of our species infancy. Thank the doctors. They saved that child, and their ten years of medical school, their experience. To call this a miracle, to say God saved this child and let others die is, I believe, hubris of the highest degree. It is insulting to our advancement as a species, it is insulting to the doctors who saved his life, and it is insulting to the many children who die everyday to cancer, hunger and many other things a God could cure.

Thank you doctors, for saving that baby's life.
Beautifully said. Thank you.
great reply, well put

Ah, but you forget about the argument that I hear all the time.  When a child dies, god just 'wanted them home'. (Banging head against wall)

crapitalism schizms abound




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