Todd Starnes (Loony, Fox News Host) Shows Us The Kind Of Delusional, Bigoted, Nutjobs Fox News Employs with his anti-LGBT speech!

Todd Starnes starts his rant off with a bit of cute humour, and ends up being one of the most bigoted, idiotic, delusional rants that I've ever heard in the last decade, and that's saying something.

A completely fallacious, brain-dead rant of bigotry against homosexuality and the completely idiotic claim that Christians are under attack, when all the government really wants is a level playing field for all religions.

It's only that Christians and Todd are so stupidly narcissistic, that they think they own America and don't want to give their delusional false sense of ownership away to the reality that Christianity is just another religion, along with the thousands of other religions.

Even from Australia, I've looked at the U.S. constitution and it is definitely aimed at making the U.S. a secular nation, not a Christian nation, since many of those who developed the constitution were Deists and had anti-Christian comments and sentiments.

He is also trying to promote his idiotic bigotry filled book, which I won't name here, as it is likely one of the most idiotic, brain dead, books ever produced in the last century.

Here is the Raw Story article on Todd's stupid rant!

As anybody can see, this man is a delusional idiot of the highest order.

Hardly anybody a self-respecting, television or even radio station would want as a host.

This demonstrates that Fox News has a stupidly sick bias towards GOP and Christian bigotry, and utter stupidity!

As if we didn't know that already!



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Typical modern day theist. Sounds like the arguments I've always heard from ministers and the rants just keep going on.

I  Googled the thing about the bakery fined $135,000 for refusing to make the wedding cake for a gay wedding. I didn't believe it but it's all over the Internet and everybody picked up on that story. I side with the bakery on this one. I'm sorry, but I do have the right to refuse service to anyone. If I don't want to make you a cake, then find somebody that will. It's that simple. End of story.

I'm glad that there is now marriage equality. It will take time to get everyone to comply but fining a private bakery is not a way to go here. You can and should fine state and county offices who refuse to issue the license. That's an entirely different matter because they are governmental and are ignoring the law. The law must be enforced but that doesn't mean a private bakery has to make you a cake just because you ordered one.

Going on with comments about Starnes thinking there is a "war on Christians" is almost funny. They want it to be a "war" and they are so stupid for calling it without looking at themselves. He says it's not about Muslims, Hindus, etc. but just Christians. He fails to see that it is his group who wants to be so special and excludes all other religions in doing so. This is what brought on his "war on Christians" in the first place, but the Christians are so blind they cannot see it. Actually, they don't want to see it because there is only ONE way and it is their way.

Typical Christian and god BS.

Actually, I side with the bakery as well.

Nobody should dictate who they should accept as a client.

I would reject any attempt to tell me who I should accept or reject as a client.

I have rejected clients for many reasons, mostly not paying in time or derogatory comments about my work.

But, he takes this too far.




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