All the brew-haha over Duck Dynasty that is in the news brings up an interesting question about tolerance. As defined by Webster: 1.: willingness to accept feelings, habits, or beliefs that are different from your own.

At what point does tolerance cross the line? I don't believe in god. Is this offensive to other, perhapse but I expect tolerance. I tolerate there belief, I expect them to tolerate my dis-belief.

I am heterosexual, I have friends who are homosexually. I tolerate their lifestyle even though it is different then mine. But some people feel that homosexuality is a sin, against their religious beliefs. I consider those people to be intolerant but does that in turn make me intolerant because I do not accept their beliefs?

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I agree Booklover ! god is just pretend

Yes he should realize he has a show - and an employer.

There is a lot to ponder here. How does private businesses like A&E decide what is too much. Usually it is when they are losing money.

Mr. Duck can say anything he wants.  I don't see why anyone would give a damn what he says.  Except, for some reason he and his clan generate hundreds of millions of dollars for the network.  

If he's some sort of folk hero, and has a contract with the network to look and act a certain way - probably something all such glamorous stars have - then his pronouncements may have violated his contract, and embarrass the network.  Not unlike Mrs. Fried Butter -what's her name - saying racist stuff and getting fired from the food network, or that guy getting fired from NBC for saying offensive things about Sarah Palin. 

People are always getting fired from Networks for saying things that reflect badly on the network.  There was also an anchor who went from NPR to FOX, and that Baldwin guy who NBC fired for being a liberal version of Mr. Duck.  Alas that 2 1/2 men guy who hung out with ladies of the night or something and did something stupid I cant remember.  Martin Sheen's kid.

What I speculate is the demographic of the Arts and Entertainment network might view the Duck Family in A&E as something like seeing cat poop in a bowl of oatmeal, and dump the whole thing.  

So then Mr. Duck can move over to FOX, where he will fit in better.  

He is not being deprived of his freedom of speech.  Just his ability to have his duck and eat it too.

I'm very bad, but when I see those guys, this is what I think of....

i thought i had seen every Bugs cartoon ever.  i had never seen that.  that's gonna require a rewatch or two.

Thanks!  I grinned so much, I felt plumb silly!


Oh, sometimes that Bugs is a stinker!

Louisiana Gov Bobby Jindal (and also Sarah Palin) defend Duck Dynasty star

When you've got Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin coming to your rescue, you know you've said or done something really f * cking stupid. 

If Jindal and Palin came to my rescue over anything, I'd.....  I don't know!  That seems like a fate worse than death!

Greg, where are you from?

Arizona, originally. Move to Florida about 3 years ago.




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