Tom DeLay: God Wrote the Constitution and Secularism is Destroying the Lord's Work

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Hell of it is, he's full of shit.  Anyone with a brain and who knows ANYTHING about the Constitution knows he's full of shit.  What this is likely about more than anything else is a has-been politician wanting to grab the spotlight again, now that the parade has passed him by.

And the most absurd part of the whole magilla is his claim that the Constitution was written by god.  This can't be the same god whose design sense is about as perfect as a turd in a punch bowl.  James Madison may not have been perfect, but he had a far better idea about what he was doing than Yahweh did when he supposedly created the world.

He sealed of the rotunda of the Capitol so that for 3 hours leaders of the House and Senate got on their knees seeking the Lord and praying.

If this was true they most likely wanted to know how to get out of there, or wondered if it was a terrorist attack. How can anyone believe this guy? Now he says that God wrote our constitution. Let me guess. Holy men of God did the writing as he spoke through them. If this is true then we had better do our best to get the U.S. Constitution to every government in the entire world. That will be or mission.

Just kidding, but how many will believe that? I think I know some of them already.

I remember his nick name "Hot Tub Tom".  Apparently he got this moniker when he was in the Texas Legislature and preferred partying to lawmaking. 

According to Marie Alena Castle, the reason the religious-right rules our government is because we let them dominate small local elections and vote in their stealth candidates.  We have a primary on Tuesday - I've copied the Pro-Choice candidates who are running sent by Naral.  If you want to prevent any more stealth religious right candidates from getting in the govt, please make sure you vote in this election and vote for these candidates:

Eric Stone

There are state Senate and Assembly races that are too close to call. Be sure to check out our California state voter guide here! Make sure you know your candidates’ position on choice before you cast your vote.

At the statewide level, be sure to support these pro-choice champions!

  • Governor: Jerry Brown*
  • Lieutenant Governor: Gavin Newsom
  • Attorney General: Kamala Harris*
  • Secretary of State: Alex Padilla*
  • Insurance Commissioner:  Dave Jones*
  • State Superintendant for Public Instruction: Tom Torlakson*



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