It didn't take Abbott long to flog the xtian message:,1,26507226-5006301,00.html

He believes all children in schools should learn ( read indoctrinate ) about christianty as a compulsory subject.
"I think everyone should have some familiarity with the great texts that are at the core of our civilisation," Mr Abbott said."That includes, most importantly, the Bible."

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Ungh... if they want the Bible taught in schools, then they'll have to share time with the Koran, and every other religion in existence.

... we just don't have time for all that.

Either way, the second you make something compulsory, the people begin to hate it.

If you make it lesser known and frowned upon, the people hunger for it.

Welcome to psychology 101.
Lesson one, Abbott is a moron.

... err... I mean... sure... make reading the bible compulsory.
We could use more Atheists.
Tony Abbott is an idiot. I never have liked the guy.

I heard him say, on morning radio, something along the lines of "Sure there are good non religious people out there but the religious are better" W.T.F. This was on the ABC talking to Fran Kelly. Why oh why did he get away with that?

To have two openly (and overtly in my opinion) religious leaders at the same time is very bad for Australia!



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