In his speech "A Globale Agenda for Chage" Tony Blair, who very well might become the first 'president' of Europe, said:

“We face an aggressive secular attack from without. We face the threat of extremism from within.” Arguing that there was “no hope” from atheists who scorn God, he said the best way to confront the secularist agenda was for all faiths to unite against it. “Those who scorn God and those who do violence in God’s name, both represent views of religion. But both offer no hope for faith in the twenty first century.”

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Generally, Christians are happy with Judeo-Christian messages everywhere, regardless of who they offend because it's "their right." Christians are offended by atheist messages because "we have no right." I didn't know it was religious advertising or unconstitutional to advertise freedom FROM religion...

Oh and funny you mention that Christians worry about people getting "offended." No one was offended by that statue of a Hindu elephant god (Indra) at some public garden exhibit except, well, the Christians.
"Let's not fight eachother, lets beat up those little guys with their books and wry smirks!"
Just what I need on my afternoon break.
How dodgy that this is coming from someone who once called himself a "born-again evangelical" SCIENCE FAN. Then he became a good little born-again Catholic boy.

It's all good when it helps your current agendas, innit Tony?

... bloody politicians.
"Do violence in God's name" UH, didn't W. say god told him to attack Iraq? I guess that's the good kind of violence. You know the christian kind.
I agree I thought he was well uh "normal". Is it possible to write to him and state our views?
I knew he was a dumb ass, just didn't know he was the dumb ass.
I'll let Ghandi have a turn, " I like your Christ but I do not like you Christians, you Christians are nothing like your Christ."

So much for compassion,hmmm Mr. Blair?
Great, incentive for Palin to move to Europe.

So he wants people to unite against heretics?... yeah, like that's new to us.

The rise of Atheism is unstoppable, we don't even have to try. In fact, I'm pretty sure we don't.
I knew he was just Gingrich's, I mean, Bush's homie and all but...
c'mon, this guy is a joke, not worth a second look...

now Jeb Bush on the other, more domestic and threatening hand
he's the one stoking the idea that all school kids have God-given skills...
that need to be exploited his ideal way; fkn' cathy freak that he is
I think it is a good thing that this fool has thrown down. It makes the atheist view legitimate. Something real that has too be fought against. A real threat. The result is more attention to atheism and a realization that it is a growing movement. Thus people will look at it more seriously, many of them losing their religion.
What a perfect storm coincidence of ignorance that Tony and W were in power at the same time. Fortunately, the tides are turning against them, especially in Europe.
Fortunately, the tides are turning against them, especially in Europe.

Don't I wish. Bush might have evaporated into obscurity but Blair is very much alive and kicking hard against anything/one that doesn't agree.

The man isn't just deluded - he's bloody dangerous.


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