I've been playing a little game with my friends where we count the churches we pass wherever we go. I pass 21 churches on my way to work which is a 15 min drive. Twenty freakin one!!! Beat that.

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I can see three different churches at least from the windows of my school.
We need less churches and more Starbucks!
We need more atheist clubs on campuses fueled by alot of rich atheists to counter nut cases like pat robertson, lol!
I miss being able to live in towns with more Starbucks than churches. :(
a church in my town has a Starbucks inside it.
Gawd, think of the environmental damage-and all for a bunch of jesus freaks! I live right next to two. One a baptist and the other a catholic one. I used to attend both when I was little as my dad was catholic and though my mom was too she pretty much started going to the baptist one when she remarried. I remember the baptists said that the movie "little mermaid" and "e.t." were demonic so my mom tossed them. And dont forget those long haired trolls-those too! Now my mom isnt as peer pressure influenced and laughs at her former behavior but I know alot of christians arent laughing and still believe its true.
The worst one, at least through my atheist goggles, is a catholic monastery. Don't get me wrong, it's a gorgeous monstrosity but this is supposedly tax exempt charity organization according to our goverment. it sits on probabaly $50,000,000 worth of property. Could you imagine the red cross or whatever wasting money on such a thing! society would go ape shit.
I live in Tulsa, OK. I see 5 standing in the parking lot of school. Hell there are 3 different churches inside the same building I work in. That's 7 not counting the ones I see on the actual drive.
I have a 45 minute drive to work and I pass 2 churches, but I used to work in downtown Tulsa and there are 13 churches in the downtown area. 4 of them was in the immediate vicinity of my work place. My employer used the banquet facilities of the church next door for events that involved hundreds of employees and they always did christian prayer. Nice of them to assume all employees are christian and I don't work for a religion driven company!
We have a mega church in south Tulsa, I think its a Methodist church. Such a waste of space.
Wow. I thought Mormons were bad. I live in a city where the nearest decent grocery store is about a 15, maybe 20 minute drive. Yet I can walk to the nearest church.

It's such a waste. I know they have multiple meetings in one church, but maybe they could at least build UP for once, eh? Instead of clogging a beautiful landscape with these beasts. LDS churches aren't pretty. (The temples are nice, but they're also a monumental waste of money... )




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