I've been playing a little game with my friends where we count the churches we pass wherever we go. I pass 21 churches on my way to work which is a 15 min drive. Twenty freakin one!!! Beat that.

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It is a perversion of reality and a cruel abuse of not only children, but of our childrens' children.
I used to live just north of a church that's across the street from another church that's a block down from yet another church. All were Christian. There was a mini mosque (like a store converted into a prayer space) a few blocks away as well.

Now the closest church is a few blocks and it's a mini mosque. There's a buddhist temple close as well.
out of a town of 20,000. one-forth of those people or less go to ten chuches. eight of which are christan. and there is only one small mega-church.
Ever notice wherever there are a lot of churches, you will shortly see a lot of bars? Religion requires a stiff drink.
When you see liquor stores and an excessive amount of churches. You'll probably need a bulletproof vest.
Haha! The city I work in...I couldn't tell you the number of churches. No bars though. It's a dry county! However, all they have to do after service is take the short drive to the liquor store less than 10 minutes away in the next county. Churches and banks. That's where I work is full of. Matter of fact, we have the first mayor in 20-something years that hasn't come from one certain church. However, next election he'll have an opponent from that certain church.
lol very true




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