2.Death Note
4.Ghost In the Shell (first movie)
5.FMA: Brotherhood
6.Elfen Lied
8.Jigoku Shoujo

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I forgot about Tekkonkinkreet. I have the umd for my psp. It was odd at first but the style was very good and I liked it a lot.
Tekkonkinkreet... I'm completely out of the loop on this one. It dissapointed me to see that Samurai Champloo didn't get more shoutouts!! I mean- it was an awesome show.

And no one thought the ending to Full Metal Alchemist sucked? and i mean the Real ending- the Movie. Sure the characters were happy, but for those who spent all that time watching their journey it was basically a "haha, fuck you" kinda deal.

how about the list of best movie adaptions of shows? Anyone got a top 10 list there?

What exactly is the division between OVA and movies? Some OVA's are serialized- but some aren't, and can act as movies; Naruto OVA's are an example. And what about Evangelion? That production was so badly convoluted in the end that OVA, original episodes, directors cuts, and the aired episodes are nearly impossible to filter out. But if you ask me, on that discussion, End of Evangelion is the Real ending to the series- not that stupid self-esteem sophistry that they substituted.

SAC even had some OVA's you could call them- or just compilations? Damn people, make up tyour minds on this stuff! If that isn't bad enough, i hear that characters are colored and behave very different in different countries- one such change: diaolougue being manipulated to give homoerotic undertones to Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho). Is there any truth to this? just a bunch of questions, sorry.

Oh and two more topics: Paranoia Agent and IGPX. comments anyone?
The naruto fillers after Sasuke and Naruto fight have some good episodes. As for bleach the creator is suerly coping DBZ everlasting long battles.Death note was great until L died then it suxed. Code geass was intresting and good but it slowly went downhill and made a terrible ending.
1)Spirited Away
2)Death Note (the manga)
3)Tokyo Godfathers
4)Princess Mononoke
5)Cowboy Bebop
6)Bleach (manga)
7)Ouran High School Host Club (the anime)
9)Tenchi Muyo
10)Yuu Yuu Hakusho

Call me old-fashioned...
These are probably my personal top-ten

1) Hellsing & Hellsing OVA
2) Ergo Proxy
3) Witch Hunter Robin
4) Gunslinger Girls
5) Cowboy Beebop
7) Read-Or-Die (OVA & tv series)
8) Azumanga Daioh!
9) Negima!
10) Welcome to the N.H.K.

I love character-driven stories, regardless of setting.
Ten's not enough! But okay, in alphabetical order:

1. Alien 9
2. Azumanga Daioh
3. Cromartie High School
5. NGE
6. Paranoia Agent
7. Porco Rosso
8. Tamala 2010
9. Twelve Kingdoms
10. Windy Tales

Cute slash crazy, that's my thing.
Samurai Champloo
Speed Grapher
I don't think I can really rank these in any order, so...

Mononoke Hime
Full Metal Alchemist (weak ending though, hoping the manga-centric remake will fix that)
Baccano! (Seriously, watch this. It's amazing and clever and it doesn't get nearly enough love.)
Ouran High School Host Club
Read or Die the TV (it's a bit weak in the middle, but overall it's great)
Mimi o Sumaseba/Whisper of the Heart (I really like the Japanese name much better)
Azumanga Daioh!
(spots 9 and 10 are reserved for when something impresses me this much again. Or I remember something else.)

Honourable mentions:

Elfen Lied and Paranoia Agent (I don't enjoy them personally, but my husband is a big fan. I have a ton of respect for them though.)
Bakuretsu Hunter/Sorceror Hunters (For its awesome manga. Don't watch the anime, it's garbage.)
Bleach (for its two opening arcs, and nothing else)
Eden of the East (I haven't watched it all the way through yet, but it's so bizarrely charming I must see more.)
Amatsuki (Once again, ditch the anime and read the manga; in this case it's not because the anime is bad, but rather utterly confusing. And it only tells a tiny snippet opf the story.)
Kuroshitsuji (This series is complete garbage, but it is insanely pretty. Watch it for brain-off mancandy only.)
I find it depressingly more likely that I could have fun going through other people's top 10 lists and pointing out how what they like is on my BOTTOM 10.

Nonetheless, I can totally do this, and be like, positive and happy and ponies and such, so, without actually imposing anything I'd consider order:

1. Monster
2. 20th Century Boys
3. Vandread (both together as one)
4. Paranoia Agent
5. My Neighbours the Yamadas
6. Elfen Lied
7. Ghost In The Shell: Standalone Complex (1st and 2nd gigs)
8. Baccano
9. Read Or Die (OAV, tv less so)
10. ...

... uh...

Heck, this is hard.

(At the risk of breaking the joke, Whisper of the Heart is stunningly beautiful as a story.)
> I find it depressingly more likely that I could have fun going through other people's top 10 lists and pointing out how what they like is on my BOTTOM 10.

I very nearly added a "stuff everybody else loves but I think is crap" section to mine, but I felt that would be a bring-down. And besides, I think I get expelled from an anime group if I say I thought the Ghost in the Shell films were vague, pretentious and ugly.

I still liked SAC though, so maybe I'm safe.
I actually heartily agree that the GitS movies were vague and ugly. The thing is, they were well-produced ugly - things like the invisibility effects were really spectacularly done, and the world had a wonderful sense of verisimillitude.

I think it's very telling that many people cite GitS as a seminal event in their anime-watching career, but very few people can actually tell you what the plot of it is. I think the world hooked people's minds, and the movie demonstrated to people who had never encountered the idea before that you could have stories like this. It's also one of the first avenues into the really explanation-light method of Japanese storytelling many folk got. Compare the opening to GitS (naked girl drifts through water) to the opening to Star Wars (HERE IS YOUR BACKSTORY GO GO GO GO GO).
Oh, GitS was technically beautiful, and as a cinematic piece I greatly respect it. If the characters had been even half as beautiful/interesting as the scenery/setting, I probably could have forgiven the uninteresting story. It frustrates me more because, thanks to SAC, I now know I could have enjoyed these characters, if only they'd been displayed a little differently.

Interesting that you compare GitS to Star Wars. I suspect they may both be "you really have to have seen it at the time" films.




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