Top 10 Reasons the Universe is Electric: #2 Filaments in Space

It seems that viewers are particularly pleased with the second video in our YouTube series, Top 10 Reasons the Universe is Electric: #2 Filaments in Space.” The subject is the filamentary structure that dominates plasma activity in space. Of course, such structure has no place in the gravity-centric worlds of more traditional theory, but it is the expected configuration of current flow in the Electric Universe.

More good news. We continue to beat our projections on registrations for the rebroadcast of EU2017. That’s the best indicator so far of the continued growth of a dynamic movement.

(Note: The more the Enlightenment frightened the medieval churchmen, the more they attacked it.)

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Commentary from Thunderbolt dot info:
The mainstream [Big Bang folks] can't even handle a real public online debate at this point. About the best they can do to try to stave off the inevitable rise of Electric Universe / Plasma Cosmology (EU/PC) theory is to blatantly misrepresent the facts as Bridgman and Koberlein do, and to ban all dissent from their websites. The problem with misrepresenting the facts is that it ultimately destroys their own scientific credibility and they risk losing their audience completely. They can't hide their invisible universe [dark matter, dark energy, neutron stars, etc] problems from the public by banning dissent on their websites and banning all discussion of EU/PC theory. There are lots of websites in cyberspace.

Why care?

Because billions are spent searching for evidence--via the Large Hadron Collider, BICEP2, LIGO--for these invisible, fictional entities--black holes, dark matter, dark energy, neutron stars--around the universe, and inventing extra dimensions--up to eleven of them--and fanciful notions--inflation, spacetime, strings--which can never be tested. Without evidence, it's science fiction, not science fact.

The little that's spent on plasma science mystifies the Bangers and confirms the findings of the electrical theorists.

--The above with help from Dave Smith at plasmaresources dot com.

"It's a mystery to me how comets work at all."
--Donald Brownlee, principal investigator of NASA's Stardust Mission
Nothing in the observed universe surprises astronomers and astrophysicists more than comets. The "dirty snowball" hypothesis has time after time failed to predict comet behavior or composition.
Since 1986, when negatively charged ions were found in the coma of Comet Halley, comets have produced a steady stream of "mysteries" that have left astronomers groping for answers:
1. Highly energetic supersonic jets exploding from comets' nuclei.
2. The inexplicable confinement of these jets into narrow filaments, spanning distances up to millions of miles, defying the behavior of neutral gases in a vacuum.
3. Jets occurring on the dark sides of comet nuclei.
4. Comet surfaces with sharply carved relief -- the opposite of what astronomers expected under the "dirty snowball" model.
5. Unexpectedly high temperatures and X-ray emissions from cometary comas.
6.Little or no water and other volatiles on comets' nuclei.
7. Mounting evidence for the production of the OH radical in cometary comas, due to charge exchange with the Sun (the process that misled astronomers into thinking they were seeing evidence of water removed from the surface.)
8. Mineral particles that form only under extremely high temperatures, not found on chunks of dirty ice arriving from the outermost reaches of the solar system.
9. Comets flaring up while in "deep freeze," beyond the orbit of Saturn.
10. Comets disintegrating many millions of miles from the Sun.
11. Comet dust particles more finely and evenly divided than is plausible for sublimating "dirty ices."
12. Ejection of larger particles and "gravel" that was never anticipated under the idea that comets accreted from primordial clouds of ice, gas, and dust.
13. The unexplained ability of a relatively minuscule comet nucleus to hold in place a highly spherical coma, up to millions of miles in diameter, against the force of the solar wind.
All of those findings are predictable features of the electric model. Few know of them because space scientists through most of the 20th century have assumed that bodies in space are electrically neutral.
The Electric Universe views comets as negatively charged bodies moving through the electric field of the Sun. The most energetic cometary displays occur with comets that spend the most time in the outer regions of the solar system, where they acquire a strongly negative charge. As they race toward the Sun, a more positively charged environment, the nucleus is subjected to increasing electrical stresses.
-- Found by searching on "electric universe surprises astrophysicists".




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