Top 8 ways to get married according to the bible.

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In one sense, you're right Goz. I doubt anyone on this site could make this shit up.  However....Somebody did make it up and put it in the Big Book of Jewish and Christian Faerie Tales, and the present day followers say that scribbling is the apex of morality.  You know.  The same ones that waive that book in the air while screaming at gays and lesbians.  

So true...

Thanks for that neat little nugget.

Sent that link to a religious person who has been debating me about religion and atheism.  The short reply I got was "not nice".

So not having researched the accuracy of those statements I replied:

That wasn’t intended to be a hostile forwarded posting.  I was looking for inaccuracies. 


If the bible actually has that stuff then it has to stand on its own.  That means the bible wasn’t written by god – it was written by fallible men.


If the bible doesn’t have that stuff then you are right -  it is not nice for someone to lie about something that is not in the bible.


The point being, YOU DON'T HAVE TO LIE!  There is so much obscene shit in the bible, exaggerating or making something up would be gilding the lily!

Yeah i know.  The thing that kills me is to authoritatively debate this stuff requires checking the original source - with all those references to bible passages or taking the word of someone who already has - which i kind of did.  It is tiring to have to read a document that to me has made up boring stuff.

By the way the reply to the above was 13 paragraphs of long and upset prose. So my attempt above to be conciliatory did not work.  Must have touched a nerve.

I put the pic up for you Goz.

Yes, that graphics sums up the attitude about marriage in the bible nicely.

Thanks for posting.

I saved this picture too.

The graphic summarized how the ancient world worked, and how tribal societies work even in "modern" times.  The essence of the matter isn't religious morality, or any sort of morality - but tribalism.  In a tribal society, marriages are arranged, men dominate, warfare is for booty (literally), outsiders are taboo, slavery is accepted and the purpose of marriage is (1) procreation and (2) cementing of kinship ties.

Right Michael, tribal society is dead on.




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