top researchers are going the way of religious fundyism being 'mental illness' hello where were you at 1980!?!?

wikipedia or
tell em tithe is no more than a bribe. take hold of your own life.

not sure if these url's will link from copy paste but googles news "religion mental illness" :

it's everywhere:


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figures scientolgee would be anti psych doc.. yyyyyep. fools!

The link works! TY

Here is another good link from the blog site you shared:

I'm glad to see that the question is finally being broached.

Somewhere on here, I think I called religion "acceptable irrationality."  In places, I think it DOES rise to the level of a mental illness, in other places less so, but the irrationality of such belief is, insofar as I'm concerned, beyond question.

Well, cognitive dissonance is a symptom stemming from attempting to incorporate the irrational into the rational, and compartmentalization is the typical mechanism used.  Such people I would call "conditionally compromised," as they can be at least reasonably functional in other fields of life.

I mean, there's a considerable range that goes from someone like, for instance, a congregationalist church member, who has had their christianity considerably watered down and someone like, say, Rick Perry!!!

Rick Perry is, for all intents and purposes, a dominionist.  EVERYONE should at least be concerned about and aware of a man who wants to turn ALL the facets of human society over to a non-existent super-being whom Robert Heinlein once accused of having "the manners and morals of a spoiled child."

Putin.. Perry.. kinda same.. kinda lame. no completely 
a threat. imho~

Loren, when responding to your post about what religion is and isn't, I posed the following:

Religion is not about prayer; it is about carrying the childhood phase of having an imaginary friend into adulthood using socially acceptable means.

There are other childhood phases that people sometimes carry into adulthood - the sucking of thumbs, for example.  Yet thumb-sucking is not socially acceptable, so those who still do this will most likely hide it.  I would be hard-pressed to believe however that the majority of adults suck their thumbs.  My point is that the socially acceptable aspect of religion is the key factor, as you and booklover point out.  Once that is removed, how many people would still be religious?  Some for sure, but I doubt not nearly as many as we see today.  Those who remain are the ones I would consider to be potentially mentally ill.

Well ... death is a BIG unknown to some people and can be pretty scary to those who haven't really LOOKED at it maturely ... apparently a LOT of people.  Again, to quote my man:

Man is so built that he cannot imagine his own death. This leads to endless invention of religions.
-- Robert A. Heinlein

Until people can recognize and embrace their own mortality while dismissing the foolishness of the attempts at compensations for that mortality, religions of one sort or another are liable to persist.

Which would explain why it is so socially acceptable.  It seems quite plausible - although I haven't researched this - that fear of the unknown is genetically ingrained so that we don't do certain things that could kill us, such as eat an unknown berry.  It can be overcome, but it takes work, and many people are quite lazy.  It's simply easier to buy a readily-available, prepackaged answer to everything than think for yourself.  And as long as there's a market, there will be suppliers.

I've said it many times, Edison: belief is easy.  Knowing is HARD.

haaaa.. indeed.




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