Top Ten Reasons the Universe is Electric: #1 Cosmic Magnetic Fields

Cosmic magnetic fields is the first in the series because only electric current flow can create magnetic fields.

“Though we cannot directly measure the strength of the current flow across cosmic distances,” says the Thunderbolts Project, “the magnetic signature of such currents is seen wherever we look in space.”

To start seeing the evidence for what the Standard Model (the Big Bang) is unable to explain, visit the Thunderbolts Update newsletter sign-up page.

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Right and North Korea is really building building giant electric bombs, not fusion to fission thermonuclear weapons.

Are you really using Atheist Nexus to promote your fringe, alternative science belief system of the universe ? You shouldn't go there in this forum. This isn't the place to attempt converting people. You are just opening a can of worms.

 "The electric universe concept does not meet the National Academy of Sciences' definition of a "theory," which is "a comprehensive explanation of some aspect of nature that is supported by a vast body of evidence" and "can be used to make predictions about natural events or phenomena that have not yet been observed."

According to EU:

Black holes don't exist, and neither does dark matter. Nor dark energy.

The Big Bang? Never happened.

Einstein's two relativities are laughable fiction.

Electricity can explain away all that stuff.

EU is completely at odds with everything modern science has determined about the universe.

In physics, theories need math. That's how you predict, gather evidence, verify, disprove, and support. But EU theory isn't big on math. EU is a dissident psycholgy

I'm yet to hear a single use for EU. We use relatively everyday to adjust satellite trajectories. Both Special and General relativity were proven with atomic clocks and a solar eclipse.

Thanks for this information, John. I'd never heard of the electric universe concept.

John, if you were to present evidence against the existence of cosmic magnetic fields, your argument would have some strength.

I never said magnetic fields don't exist. What I said is that EU is utter rubbish that has been dis proven. It is part of this anti-intellectual movement of what I perceive ( e.g., a flat earth ) must be real and disputes actual mathematical equations, physics equations and astronomical observation.

The above physicist breaks it down.

You claim that Relativity is false yet every time you use your phone's GPS that is because the satellites trajectories are corrected thanks to Relativity. How can that be if Relativity / Einstein are wrong ???????  What do we use EU for other than theory? Give me a real world, practical example - not unfounded theory.

How do you explain the gravitational waves detected by ligo ?

How do yo explain the detection and imaging of Neutrinos ?

How do you explain the continuous thermal spectrum of solar light anybody can test at home w a defraction grating ?

Ohh, yea - they just discovered a mid sized black hole in the milky way that will be eaten by Sag A.

Why are EU courses not offered buy Universities ?  Why is it not recognized by the Academy of Sciences or Nobel Committee ? Let me guess, because the world scientific community is not " open-minded." People that see UFO's and Planet X say the same thing as do faith healers.

Go peddle your alternative science somewhere else, not in an atheist forum.

John D, thanks for your research on this topic.  I like your posts and found the EU testing educational.

Not that I needed it to know that tom sarbeck is wrong.  Years ago, when I first read posts where tom was preaching the eu dogma, I was sure he was wrong because he and his few brothers & sisters in the eu religion, were saying that thousands of respected scientists had so many things wrong.  

Well, as Loren says, I'm not a professional physicist, but I'll have to side with those thousands of top scientists.  The chance of them being wrong, and/or being part of a vast conspiracy is about the same as the chance that mormonism is true.

I shouldn't call eu a religion.  I don't think they have a supernatural belief.  However, tom sure makes it sound like a religion.  Calling us and the major scientists names for not believing him, accusing us and the major scientists of what he is guilty of.  Constantly preaching eu, despite getting no converts.

Yea, that sums it up.

Hello again, John E. Can't stay away, can you?

Do you and John D, and Spud want to make a deal? Delete your nonsense and I will delete my replies to it.
You're back? Get a life, John E.

It's one thing to call an idea quack science, another to use insult like "whack job". Let's be respectful when we disagree, please. I'm not aware of any Atheist Nexus rules that support "complete and permanent boycott of the topic".

Thank you, Ruth. I agree.




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