I'm curious if any of you followed this story.  Wolf Blitzer was recently shown on CNN asking a mother and tornado survivor if she thanked God.  She laughed awkwardly and replied, "I'm..... I'm an atheist."  WOW. Kudos to her.  So I'm wondering where this story will go from here.  What would you have done if put in that situation?  Would you have said something?  Not said something?  

The link to the video can be found here.  

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Here's the real poser: did Wolf know beforehand that she was an atheist and toss her a a hanging curve ball to hit out of the park?!?

Atheism - It's A Conspiracy!!!  Muahahahahahaha!

Yes I heard that video. That was great for her to come out and say she was an Atheist.

What a candid and courageous reply! A million congratulations to her.

I sure got a chuckle out of it. She did ok, especially considering the circumstances. It made Blitzer look like an ass to all us atheists, sucking up to the religious. I wonder if it raised any response in the average theist. For some reason I tend to believe they saw it totally different than we do.

"Why should I thank the SOB who makes them,according to religious people"

Oh, but the story isn't OVER!  It seems as though Glenn Beck wants to allege that the whole thing was a SETUP!

Man, you think you know what "desperate" is ... then Beckie-poo goes and takes it to a whole 'nother level!

Blitzer does not appear to be terribly bright . He appeared on celebrity Jeopardy in 2009 , and was absolutely awful . He actually answered "defendant" and "annotated" , in a category where the correct response would have been 3 e's in the word .

I think what makes this so profound is that this sort of thing just wasn't acceptable to say 30 years ago.  And look here we are in 2013 and a woman can politely say she's an atheist and it's ok.  Amazing!  I have been that woman... where a religious person grabs my hand and tells me to pray with them... instead of ASKING me if I DO pray in the first place.  There is an assumption made that praying is just something everyone does.  I hope with more and more of these stories coming out, that someone will think to ask FIRST if you pray at all, rather than just operating on a wild assumption.  It must be a humbling experience for any religious person.

One pair of hands working beats a 1000 pairs of hands folded in prayer. Unfortunately, the thousands of folded hands actually think the're doing something.. 

When someone tells you that they will pray for you - that translates to "here's an empty promise to do nothing, - but it makes me feel righteous and good" 

I know we all want to help everyone involved but I do like idea of this campaign. Who knows what negative effect admitting to being an atheist on national TV will have to her and her family.


I would give anything to have been interviewed in that exact way by CNN.   "Thank the lord you say?.  Sure Wolf,  what would you like me to thank him for?  Smashing two schools?  Killing innocent kids and adults the same?  Leveling towns?  Costing taxpayors billions?  Destroying thousands of homes?"     That would have been classic.   But, she did a decent job. Kudos to her.

Ha. Good point. It's important to be diplomatic, I suppose.




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