I'm curious if any of you followed this story.  Wolf Blitzer was recently shown on CNN asking a mother and tornado survivor if she thanked God.  She laughed awkwardly and replied, "I'm..... I'm an atheist."  WOW. Kudos to her.  So I'm wondering where this story will go from here.  What would you have done if put in that situation?  Would you have said something?  Not said something?  

The link to the video can be found here.  

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It was awesome that this actually happened. I mean what are the odds that Wolf would bring "the Lord" up, that the woman would be an atheist, and that she'd feel comfortable enough actually saying she was an atheist? It gives me hope this country is getting over its aversion to atheism to some extent.

Also she was really really nice, so that helps.

A story from The Onion that I wish were true:


Nelson Mandela Admits Thoughts, Prayers Of Millions Played No Part In Recovery
‘My Doctors Treated Me,’ Explains South African Icon

[...] “In these past days of struggle, I have seen messages of hope and love from citizens around the world, which, while nice, weren’t going to help remove the excess fluid from my lungs. Doctors do that,” Mandela told reporters. “The capacity of gentle souls to unite their voices in a message of peace and strength is certainly the greatest gift of mankind [...] But when you’re a 94-year-old man with a horrible lung infection, you need trained medical professionals. That’s really most important. All that prayer stuff is, frankly, pretty useless.”



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