this whole thing is remarkable.  i just read this and i'm still trying to get my hands around it.  my initial take - this pretty much puts the nail in the coffin in the debate of morality and religion.  how can one credibly argue that religion sharpens people's moral compass when religious people are the most supportive of a clearly heinous act like torture?

some might say that it's the circumstances that caused these views, but it's not like the nonreligious weren't aware of said circumstances.  what we did is awful, regardless of circumstances.  it also seems like it wasn't particularly helpful.  i just don't get why it is that nonreligious people would understand this more than believers.  this could be an interesting discussion so have at it.  

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Torture is pretty much up front and center in the death cult known as christianity. It's central image is an instrument of torture. The catholics are always bloviating on and on about the "importance" of suffering. Surprising that christians would approve of torture more than non-believers? Not so much. Their "god of love" is ultimately a god of human sacrifice.

good point.  they even wear torture instruments around their necks!

Excellent point, Bertold. Scapegoating and blood sacrifice are essential elements of the Yeshua cult. Not surprising they're OK with the imposition of torture.

Bertold hit it here and so did you with the idea that Christians wear torture instruments around their necks. Torture is at the center of Christianity which has to be a death cult, otherwise there would not be so much hudu over Jesus dying. Oh, the pain and suffering, the believers point out. It was horrible but it had to be. Jesus prayed in the garden til sweat rolled off of him like tears (maybe it was tears) and it was all the size of drops of blood. "Oh, Father, let this cup pass from me."

Why was he worried? Then they crucified him and he died quickly, opened his eyes in hell instantly and preached to the damned, then arose from the dead forevermore in less than 3 days. That was almost like a holiday. Now Jesus had the keys of death and hell. Talk about death and suffering, he made it all worth it!

Oh, wait. Do you think maybe Jesus didn't know what was going to happen and we made all that other crap up later? Well, at least we know why Christians are all for torture and suffering. Without it they have nothing to stand on.

Without torture, they are powerless.

But if they are good christians, won't they go to heaven?

Yes, Daniel, if they were good christians they would go to heaven, so we actually did them a favor.   :)

And equally amazing that they taunt their atheist blood relatives with their prospects - such a loving religion.

So true - I've seen people on line bordering on gleefulness as they heap on their fantasies about how all those demons are going to drag us to hell. As Bertrand Russell once said, "I'd be terribly at ease in hell."

Go to heaven for the weather and to hell for the company.

Our worst of the worst don't believe all that heaven and hell stuff.

They use it.

America (and Israel) could take the high ground and accept the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

Most of the world's other nations have done so.




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