Towns & Places with Largest Numbers of Atheists? In USA or countries where US residents can emigrate?

Literally had the door of my house smashed to bits with an axe by a local Xian couple today!  This was provoked by my sitting alone at home, minding my own business, but failing to return a phone call within an hour to the Xian woman.  This is not the first time my home has been broken into since people in my area found out I'm an atheist. Police not at all helpful.

As the song goes, "Ive Gotta Get Out of This Place"!  Looking for affordable housing in a community, small town, or city where I can feel safe as an atheist and live among tolerant, intelligent, like-minded people. Senior community would be ideal.

Online searches for atheist communities, etc. yielded nothing specific.  A place in the USA would be easier, but would be willing to emigrate.  Would love to go to Australia or New Zealand, but don't have millions required for long-term visas.  Can't find info for permanent resident Netherlands visa online.

Please post names of towns, cities, countries, or links with specific info on where an elderly atheist could live in safety and peace.  

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When the Baptists came to my door, I told them I am Catholic.  All doors undamaged--so far.

It really is difficult to envisage spectating from this side of the pond. It's unimaginable really. It may get worse for you as the pendulum swings toward doubts in biblical certainty and religious freaks contemplate a last stand scenario. You really should get organised one way or another.

That is what I keep telling people.  They have all the guns and if some calamity strikes the US guess who they are going to start killing? Us, that's right!  It is time to organize and plan to defend ourselves. Look at their history guys. They killed 20 million atheists in WWII. Wake up, people.

These guys came while I was asleep!  Caught them standing outside.  If they had come while I was awake, I probably would have said I was Mormon just to try to get them to go away.  Unfortunately, there's an Xian conference center across the street with up to 1,000 fundies at a time, and it's a small community.  Although I don't advertise my non-belief, word gets around fast. 

Pity about not affording to go to Australia, because in my community (mid Victoria), atheism is the norm.

Nobody mentions religion here, because people displaying their religion get shunned by others.

I can openly display my atheism without even raising a comment.

I'm a member of a men's shed group where we get together to make things and have a coffee and chat.

I often bring my Jim Jefferies and Bill Maher, atheist comedy videos and we all gather around and laugh at them.  Nobody is the least bit offended, in fact they cannot get enough of them.

Here is a sample of Jim Jefferies having a go at America's religious stupidity and creationism.

Though, it may offend some people, not because of his take on Christianity, but his use of language.

Lots of the 'F' and 'C' words here. But, we here in Australia are used to it, as it is so common, Jim talks like most of my friends do at BBQs, so he is just like other members in our group.

Thanks for the Aussie humor...I need it!  Still trying to get a door.  Can't find another one with 2 inches of solid oak anywhere so far.  Know anyone in Oz who might adopt an old lady who likes Jim Jefferies and Bill Maher?

Plenty of people around here looking for some child care workers, maybe even a live-in nanny types, because child care here is damn expensive.  Being non-religious is not seen as a threat to most families for child care here, because at least you are not going to try and indoctrinate the children into any belief system.  

My neighbours at my last house rejected two baby sitters, because they thought they were too Christian, and may try to influence their children.

If you are over 60, you can go on unemployment here, provide you do at least 30 hours of charity/community work a week.

I know of one person doing this, but he is not even 50 yet, but he got away with it, because he claimed a problem with getting work, due to having something like very poor memory, making him unsuitable for full time employment.  More likely he smokes too much weed.


There is a fairly inexpensive ($150-175( surveillance camera called "truth camera" which will capture photos,videotapes automatically and runs on batteries - can be easily disguised in a fake wooden bird's nest and mounted on a nearby tree. Suggest you photo and document who is doing this.

Good idea, if I am able to move.  I know who did this.  I caught them in the act.  The police also know who did it but have done nothing, to my knowledge.  Apparently, they are considering it a "civil matter" rather than a crime (not sure why--maybe because it's property damage and luckily I wasn't physically injured).  But the police also did nothing to find the person(s) who vandalized my car last year or broke into my house about 3 years ago. It's just a bad area, at least for me.  I hope to get the door fixed soon so I can sell this place. 

The best suggestion so far seems to be north-central California.  I don't think I could handle winters in Madison, WI, though that sounds like a good place for atheists in the US. Austin, TX, is another possibility.  Australia would be excellent, but getting a long-term visa seems unlikely.  Same problem with the UK, plus all the cold, rainy weather.  I'm also considering Thailand.  I really liked some of the beach areas there.

There is a need to separate aberrant behavior from actual religious persecution (this is a mistake that Christians crying 'persecution' often make). Did this incident happen specifically because they were Christians? specifically because you are atheist?

Even if it did, is it a general situation or an outlier? Numbers of atheists really has little effect on what individual mentally disturbed people (who may even be atheists) will do. New areas tend to have their own problems.

I'm an atheist, not a psychic, so I don't know why these people did what they did.  I do know the man is an Xian who works at the large Xian center across the street.  I do know it was an irrational act and that I did nothing to provoke it, as I rarely leave my house except to shop or go on vacation. My residence has been robbed and my car vandalized here previously, while I was away.  I don't feel "persecuted."  I just don't feel safe here any more.  I'd like to think this aberrant behavior is an "outlier" and will not occur again.  I also know that I would feel more comfortable in a community of non-believers. (That's why I posted this, for suggestions about where I might find such a community.)  I have traveled extensively and am aware that all places have problems.  I'm ready for a new set of problems at this point.  And I still haven't been able to replace my door. 

Vermont is an open-minded state.  We've had no problems there among xians.  It's mostly live and let live.




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