This video appeared n YouTube after the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage. It starts quietly, but bit by bit the woman works herself into a frenzy over what she thinks is a violation of God's law. I post it here because I think it shows religious neuroticism as clearly as anything could—one of the harms religion does that we don't think of very often.

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And the real scary thing is: it could have been me - but I fled.

This woman's mental problems seem to be a manifestation of divine command ethics. It's a graphic description of the consequences of indoctrinated child abuse. Paul Cliteur in 'The secular outlook' explained the childishness of moral command ethics, and looking at that video, he was bang on the money.

She reminds of a child working itself into hysterics when it has been given a final 'no.'

She may have held what was a majority opinion thirty years ago. I know religious people who agreed with her that have changed their minds over those years. What is different about her.

People can start foaming at the mouth if you do not agree with them - and they are wired that way.  The book the Republican Brain goes into a neurological explanation on how some people's brains react to various situations. 

I really liked your answer on "Why are so many atheists liberal". I am a liberal and acknowledge some of my opinions may be flawed, - hopefully logic wins me over to a different view - not an emotional shutting down that this lady demonstrates in spades.


The first thing to do is ask this hysterical woman if the court's decission is going to affect her or her family in any way. If the answer is "no," then we have to remind her that people will still be doing in private and behind closed doors the things that they always did anyway.

So what is the problem?

Some wingnuts may be happy to bring the Inquisition back but I'm not one of them. If god has a problem let him speak for himself.

Why are these loons so against the thought that their lord and savior is capable of change over thousands of years? Seems to me that if you are a loving god, and you want the best for your flock, then putting them in a finite space like earth with finite resources for survival means that eventually the population growth will reach critical mass. It's a recipe for extinction, unless something CHANGES. If you're going to make up something as bizarre as the god concept, shouldn't you follow it through to its logical conclusions, and admit that a perfect creator must have a perfect plan to mitigate the inevitable demise of what it created? Wouldn't that plan have the ultimate goal of humanely reducing population growth? Isn't that an obvious outcome of increasing the number of human unions that cannot accidentally reproduce?

Btw, I think this lady is probably off her meds.
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When the whole fabric of your belief is illusionary, you can make it into anything you wish.

That's the saddest part of it all. When they could take it any direction, they choose to take it in the direction of self destruction. Barring a natural culling of humanity via disease, there must come a day when resources become so scarce that they will be worth killing one another over every minute of every day. The population will have to be decreased, and religion will definitely play a part in justifying who dies and lives. Until then, religion will play the part of getting us there as fast as possible.

This woman is not typical of the religious community. Most followers are not mentally disturbed, their perfectly stable individuals who happen to be deluded. However difficult that is to qualify it's a fact no less.




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