Transferring "ownership" of groups/Keeping groups after people delete their profile

Is there a way to transfer ownership of groups?

We have a lot of groups where the group creator is AWOL. I personally am hesitant to get involved with such groups, as there's always the chance that the person who created it will come back to delete their profile. Then, the group will disappear along with it. It would also be lovely to have someone(s) active at the helm of these groups, as they could then update group descriptions, add content to the group's front page, etc....

Also, is there any way to keep groups once the creator has deleted their profile, or is this hardwired into the Ning platform? I've seen a couple of interesting groups disappear when the person who created them deleted their profile. I hate having to reinvent the wheel.

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We are working on a way to fix this. I know it is frustrating. We will also soon have a better sorting feature for the different groups. Thanks
Thanks Richard! Good to know.




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