I am posting this discussion to find out how you would answer the following question

Transhumanism what do you think
1) Great idea were do I sign up!
2) Interesting idea don't think its for me though.
3) Why would anyone want to do that to themselves?

Personally I choose answer 1 because I think we as humans should do everything we can to improve our species. The question is what do you think and why?

EDIT: While it is true that there are many ethical issues involved in transhumanism the question is not "What do you think of the ethic involved?", but "Assuming the transhuman technology were available, and affordable, would you take advantage of it or not?" And yes I am aware that the ethical issues will influence some peoples answers however I would appreciate it if you actually answered the question at hand before commenting on the ethics of transhumanism. I don't mind the ethical debates but the purpose of the discussion was to find out what you would do if transhumanism were available. In light of this discussing weather or not we will ever be able to do this is beyond the scope of the discussion. Of course I have no control over what you do all I ask is that you at least try to stay close to the topic.


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1 We're reaching the point where our humanity will only be restraining itself if we wait for biotic evolution to catch up, in the case of further human life and expansion. In the long run if we want the species to survive its seems like transhumanism would be our best bet.
I agree with you. Biotic evolution is generally a slow process, with few exceptions, but by using technology we can guide our species along the path to longer healthier lives. At least one scientist believes that within a generation we will have the medical tech to become effectively immortal, he thinks that people 50 years old and in good health now will live to see 1000 years and people who are 20 and in good health now will never have to face death from natural causes.



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