"transparency from their churches and question unnecessary expenditures"



The Church’s investments are spread out among banks all over the world and include vast tracts of land and investments in some of the world’s largest corporations. Yet millions starve.

Even if I’m wrong, and the Vatican is not the major financial powerhouse it seems to be, the hypocrisy of many local churches is undeniable.

Marble statues, stained glass, seasonal ornamentation and ornate tabernacles adorn my former church and many of those I have visited. While these expenditures beautify the church, just as the lavish Vatican does, this is little comfort to a person desperately in need of basic resources.

How can the Church possibly justify spending thousands, if not millions of dollars on such extravagances when people are dying from preventable plagues?

The best thing Catholics can do to cease the hypocrisy is demand financial transparency from their churches and question unnecessary expenditures. While in my years of Catholic education, it was repeatedly stressed to me that the Catholic Church is not a democracy. That doesn’t mean priorities can’t be changed as a response to the clarion calls of thousands of parishioners. These demands for change, however, will not be heeded if no one makes them.

If you’re a Catholic, demand accountability from the institution that represents you.

-Beth Mendenhall is a senior in political science and philosophy. Please send comments to opinion@spub.ksu.edu.

Thu Nov 12 2009 17:17
And remember, Give a man a fish, they eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, he'll eat for a lifetime. To have all of their funds go directly to the poor without any education or system to help people in the long run would be irresponsible of the church. Some money HAS to go into programs, committees, facilities, etc. for a long-term goal. And I honestly have not known of any priest who has accumulated money beyond what they personally need.
Beth M = Ignorant
Thu Nov 12 2009 13:49
No Beth i will not be a member of your cult.
you, sir, are a bigot
Thu Nov 12 2009 09:27

; yet it does not have the utterly ruthless, exploitative character of child molestation. In almost all cases too, with the older teen-agers, there is an element of consent.

Also, the definition of "childhood" varies enormously between different societies. If an act of this sort occurred in most European countries, it would probably be legal, since the age of consent for boys is usually around 15. To take a specific example, when newspapers review recent cases of "pedophile priests," they commonly cite a case that occurred in California´s Orange County, when a priest was charged with having consensual sex with a 17-year-old boy. Whatever the moral quality of such an act, most of us would not apply the term "child abuse" or "pedophilia." For this reason alone, we need to be cautious when we read about scores of priests being "accused of child abuse."

Reminds me of this horrible crap that's going on in the 'dark-side' of the not so UnitedStatesofA:

(Glad they were caught though; keep tapping the pedo's lines! Please crack down on this scum fellow citizens; go ahead and pry into your coworkers, for the kids.)

Someone worked here:

Notice one of the first things mentioned

The ever-so-lucrative and wasteful for no reason in nearly 2010 subject.

In closing:
"unnecessary expenditures" aka decoys for corporate; etc.. Rothstein, Jewish connections it's all there...FL firm; multiplied by other faith-covered firms from S.America, end-timers, human traffickers (racist more-than-likely), synthetic man-made drugs, all bad, all bad for prosperity, efficiency and a wiser life down the line. Media, who own's? What channel? Which money hoarding, drug abusing, woman abusing and psychotic LP is paid for to mass produce by who's company that goes to church, temple, mosque or whatever place of war'ship?

Seems all in all it's war on women and children. How backward and angering is that? Some folks addicted to the spectacles put forth by huge organized god places and nasty bottom-line influence peddling corprayshunz....

maybe it's the gorilla in some atheist(s) that is feared most by god-fearing x.


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I find all of the above rather curious in light of the recent activities here in Cleveland, Ohio. There has been no end of caterwauling in the Cleveland media regarding the closing of several RC churches of the Cleveland Diocese. I literally just googled "closing churches Cleveland" and came up with this, among multiple other hits:


Seems that the Church spreads the wealth where it pleases, while allowing others to go fish, eh?
thin skinned they are; due to the relentless tyrants in their midst and as enemy
suppressed youth gets double tyranny in the land of supposed holy peoples

quit your job?
=not good for the markets, economy, jingwah?
they'll never achieve pushing back the hands of time
All this seems to forget that the Church is, among other things, a power structure.

Ultimately they care less about spreading the word of God than they do about preserving the Church -- which in my opinion shows a lack of faith.
These are the symptoms and not the cause. Seems that despite how far we come, as long as we operate under the same necessity based nonsense, the same garbage we were nearly crawling out of at the end of the dark ages, if nothing comes along to do the job for us, we'll continue to impose war upon ourselves and our own advancement. Trouble is, when our culture is imposed upon from outside sources and development is produced, it is hailed and then subsequently integrated and adopted for further use. Thus, technology advances. If, however, that imposition comes from within, following an attempt at advancement, the culture-state tightens like an asshole and spasms against it, without ever bothering to recognize it as negative cultural change or progress. The self-perpetuating/ protective societal state seems like more of a hold over of a more primitive, reptilian perspective. I understand that our systems may not move forward as quickly as our psyches/worldviews, but, if, by and large, we do nothing to help them along their way, what can we expect other than being pissed off a minimum of three times while watching the news or catching up on digg.com (apply whichever news source you rely upon). This all tends toward frustrated, self-righteous posteuring. My own comments included. Yes, Virginia, eyeryone has to do something other than bitch.
other than bitch would be constant vigilance.
of note would be the visas are now available again or soon
as apposed to when science experts from other nations were not able to get visas
early post nine eleven

it was a great economy slumper when all the science sector had to hire abroad
what's it called, oh yeah, outsourcing

jobs are outsourced to machines all the time
ideologies and languages are outsourced myth-based-social structures; many hundreds of years old; not progress friendly and at times a bad drunk torture nightmare as we saw with Wbush.



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