Let's be absolutely clear: Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and everyone involved with the Confederacy committed the worst kind of treason. If you honor the Confederacy, you are honoring treason and the treasonous people who committed treason.

There is nothing heroic about treason and slavery. If you honor the Confederacy, you honor treason and slavery. If you honor treason and slavery, you can hardly be considered a patriot.

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They literally lost their citizenship.  Not all of them got it back and those who did had to through hoops to do it.

After the war Robert E. Lee was not in favor of statues for those involved in it. He said that such statues honoring civil war soldiers would cause people to cling to the past longer and not allow progress and unity. He must have been a very wise man. It is my understanding that his family members today have spoken out in favor of removing the statues.

The unfortunate thing is we still have statues of those on both sides. We cannot re-write history but we should not glorify that which was not glorious. It makes martyrs and creates followers.




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