I located this data while reading an article today about the fact that the very people who receive government assistance are the same ones that are ideologically against government 'entitlements'.  Take your cursor and check out your own county!  I find this information very interesting (bordering on perplexing) and I wish we had the current trend up until 2011. However, it looks like the data is gathered every 10 years so I'll have to wait a bit yet: 


How can we explain this?  If the safety net is drawn in too tightly in tough economic times like these--like many social conservatives and tea partyers seem to desire and promote-- I can only predict the worst outcome.  I think the key is describing all the good that comes out of targeted intervention for short periods of time while maintaining the argument that this is temporary until the health of the nation improves. 


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Very interesting indeed. Voting against one's self interest can in part be chalked up to both religion and poor education.  There are class, race and districting issues at work as well.  Ironically, many of those receiving benefits fight to get rid of them.  But it seems as soon as they notice it is their personal benefits at risk suddenly they change their tune. 


Americans show a robust pattern of overestimating the probability that they will one day be rich. 

Thank you for sharing that link.  It made me think back to an episode of the PBS Newshour where Paul Solman walked around asking people to rate what they thought the income distribution was like in the U.S. and people were shocked at the real numbers!  Here is the link:   http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/2011/08/wealth-how-does-the-us-....

Americans really don't seem to realize the degree of income inequality here.  They cling to the 'rags to riches' dream...and maybe that's why they don't want the government to tax the uber rich: They believe it could happen to THEM.  Like the Beverly Hillbillies delusion has affected our national psyche.

That is excellent.  I'm moving to Freedonia.  :)

Okay, I'm with you, but let's rename it "Fairdonia".   Nothing is FREE...ha.




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