The Nerd's post about Trolls reminded me of an old forum pastime that I used to love. The Troll-A-Thon! This thread is dedicated completely to trolling. No regular thoughts or real logic are allowed. Only Trollogic (®).

I'll help get it started.


Look at this birth certificate! It's the one that Hawaii officials are trying to present as real! OBAMA IS NOT AMURKAN

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He ain't Kenyin. He'm one of them alien reptiles masquering as humins to take over the world.
Here is a video about Obama's Kenyan birth certificate:
That's low! I don't believe you did that! Politics is one thing but this is .... is ..... is ..... well, I'm just lost for words!
Let see... click the link... waiting to load... my eyes!!!!!! my sensitive eyes!!!!!!

Thats so fake... this is the real one.
I'll see your certificate and raise you a video of his birth.
Relax, ladies and gentlemen! Do you really need to be so rude to each other?
(meta-troll mode off)
((will I get banned for this?))
((will I get banned for this?))

pssst... hey buddy your thoughts are showing...

(now where did I put the canola oil?)
Shaddap, DEEPWET, or I'll have to teach you 42 new uses for your CANOLA OIL!!!!!
I like to watch.
If the meta-trolls are banned from the site, I'm going too, as I can see this will be no place for people who are humanly other!




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