guys i hope you can see it before they will take it down

i will make a lot of trolling and if you like it i will post it enjoy 

ps i hope they will answer :D

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I sense your frustration. You are putting yourself in their power by posting on their boards. Don't do that. I have been in a similar situation but you won't get anywhere posting in a hostile environment. Find a more friendly online community and write about your experiences.

I used to post on xtian websites but found it was getting too frustrating. You will find many idiots that cannot understand common sense and reason no matter how many times you tell them. Sure there may be a few good ones on those communities that you can make a difference with but it may not be worth fighting with all the idiots just to get to them. That's your decision I guess.

Good luck!

I don't approve of trolling on anyone's site, and I wouldn't dream of participating in it. I think it lowers the value of whatever position the troll espouses.
I seriously hope you will rethink your decision.

I have done this sort of trolling only in so much as I got into chat and comments on You Tube videos. Some of the people there thought I was a monster and simply could not understand why I no longer believed. It got so bad that they would not leave me alone over the simplest thing and they all started making more things up.

Well, isn't that how religion operates anyway? One such person started talking to me in third person because of his "holy ghost." The experience is much like being in a sitcom but delusion is often not funny. I even have a religious relative who thinks "there is still time" for me to find myself and "come back to god."

They don't get it. I'm 71 and god is no different to me than the Easter Bunny.

guys guys thank you all for replies well it is just for fun i want to make them mad and nothing else iand of course they wont understand anything at all :D


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