How much and how long is abusive language tolerated on this site?

examples of trollspeak in the thread Junk Science re: Feral Cats Supposedly Killing Billions of Birds, by someone who calls themselves "Nature Advocate":  

"There's something seriously wrong with people like you. A human genetic trait gone horribly wrong.

Though it could be the way that cats' Toxoplasma gondii parasite hijacks the minds of its hosts, from rodent to human. That might possibly explain it."

"This could have saved you from making your thoroughly asinine comment."

"ecological disasters caused by those phenomenally stupid and criminally negligent people who should have never been born in the very first place. (edit: You know, people just like you.)" 

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Yeah - I have to deal with trolls - I report them and they are gone. I would report to to the owner of the website.


I have actually reported it twice, and nothing changed and I didn't get any response from a moderator about it.  When I made the original post, it had been about a day since I reported it.   But as of now, nothing has been done about it. 

Perhaps, when the violation of guidelines is in a group, it's the group owner's responsibility to deal with it.  The owner of this group is "Little Name Atheist" who has their profile set to private, and apparently one can't even leave a comment on their profile page unless they're a friend of "Little Name Atheist".

I was guessing that perhaps a moderator had emailed the group owner. 

But if the group owner isn't reading their email - how long does someone get to go on calling people names, etc.? 

Maybe the group should be cancelled, and someone who DOES read their email, could create a new group for cat-lovers, owned by them. 

This person does seem to be "trolling".  Lots of reviling of TNR advocates, and cats.

Did you use the "Report an Issue" link at the bottom of the page?

I reported it too.

I used the "Report an Issue" link the the FAQ.

The "contact the owner" link in the FAQ doesn't work.

Oh ok - I used that too. I suppose we will see what happens.

I will report it and you should as well. Use Report an Issue (see bottom of page).

I have reported the issue.

The rule that we don't insult other people here, go "ad hominem" in an argument, or try to upset other people here, seems extremely important. 

I get into discussions other places online and people argue by getting insulting.  Not only is it an emotional shock, it also makes me not want to continue the conversation.  And I tend to think this is the purpose: the insulting person feels they have "won" an argument in a solipsistic way, when they push away disagreement.  It doesn't feel that way to me, I feel "how tiresome", having seen similar behavior over and over and over again online ...

And when people get insulting, I realize I've gotten used to civility on AN.  I don't want the (relatively) safe space here, violated. 

When people here avoid "ad hominem" comments, it makes them think.  So people's comments are more thoughtful :)  

Insults being a substitute for thinking. 

I agree.  Just recently I deleted my membership in another forum for just this sort of thing.  The majority appeared to revel in abusive insults which is not my idea of a civilized, intelligent conversation.  I really like that A/N has mostly steered clear of this and I, for one, would like it to continue that way. After all this is the only time we will have on this earth and I prefer to spend the little time I have left doing things I enjoy that are enlightening and benneficial.



I think it's because the group owner is away.  I sent them a note with a "friend request" but I haven't heard back. 


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