anybody else watching? it's awesome and has a smart atheist as a lead character.

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Love the lead actors.  The show is very well written and I like both  Woody Harrelson and Matthew Mcconaughey.


Yeah, the writing and direction are superb. I love the fact that it is a singular vision, with just one writer and one director for the entire series.  

I also love the atheist lead. And his partner's reaction to it.

I like this show and keep on wondering where it is going. The 2 lead characters are so different that I'm really waiting as to how they zeroed in on a suspect 17 years earlier. The newer cops want to know, and that makes the viewer want to know.

My wife and I have been following HBO's True Detective from the get-go.  I personally find it a great platform for Harrelson and particularly McConaughey.  I'll be very intrigued to find out just what caused the break in his character as the series progresses.

My guess is that something happens between Cohle and Hart's wife.  They seem to have made a connection of sorts already, plus Cohle doesn't take any crap from her, and sorry for sounding crude but nothing wets some women's panties like a guy who doesn't put up with their bull shit, lol.  

That makes sense and is possibly another reason to interview each detective in a different room. This also adds perspetive to the series.

The wife and I love it. The acting, writing and direction is superb.  Hats off to HBO  

Now it looks like Cohle is a suspect, and they think he might be the real killer, having led everyone way off base from the very beginning! This series gets gooder and gooder!  LOL

I am beginning to think that Cohle has been undercover for the past 10 years.  We already saw how far he will go to catch the bad guys.  So if he thinks that powerful people are covering up for the real killer or killers, then I can see him going deep undercover.  

That makes sense. I've known undercover cops that you would swear to god were Hells Angels. Throw in Cohle's constant drinking and that adds to the cover. Now imagine him in his private storage using rubber gloves but denying the cops access. He is looking over all these items for a reason.

It's not tv. It is a mature drama on a premium channel. Sex is part of life. Religion makes sex to be something bad or dirty as a way to control people. Maybe the show is not for you, but the sex was there to illustrate how messed up hart is as well.




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