We could use some cat therapy!

From cheezburger.com: #trumpcarols

"Logic roasting on an open fire..."

Trump Carols: Logic Roasting Ober an Open Fire [Logic Roasting On an Open Fire]; cat saying 'Chinese hoax? Srsly, u on crack?'(I'll add more in replies.)

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Trump Carols: Do u fear wut I fear? [Do You Fear What I Fear?]

Trump Carols: Oh come let u adore me [O come, let you adore me]

Trump Carols: Little Drummer Boy-Sized-Hands

Trump Carols: Deck teh Walls (and make Mexico pay) [Deck the Walls]

Trump Carols: Go Yell It on Twitter

Trump Carols: Good King Senselessness

Trump Carols: Hack! The Herald Russians Sing

Trump Carols: He tweets u wen ur sleeping / He tweets u wen ur awake [He tweets you when you're sleeping, he tweets when you're awake]

Trump Carols: [one white cat to another] I iz dreaming of a Whites-Only Catmas [I'm dreaming of a whites-only Catmas/Christmas] - tabby thinking 'Wait! I was born here!'

Related: from Messaging Matters' "Why Cats Aren't Republican":

Cats don't blame black and brown cats for their problems.

(picture added; see as a tweet)

Also relevant to the host of formerly "never-Trump" Republicans who've suddenly fallen in line behind Hair Furor: Republicans blindly follow authority.

(Man in suit with five shepherd's crooks, unsuccessfully trying to herd some twenty cats into a 'GOVT' box)

(ditto; see as a tweet)

My whole Twitter series, with more reasons and pictures: 1 (23 4 (56 7 8.

Trump Carols: Oh Holy Crap!

Trump Carols: I saw Santa grabbing Mommy by the...cat




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