In the aftermath of today's terror attack in Barcelona, Spain, Trump tweeted about a reported event in the Philippines where Internet legend says US General John Pershing massacred 50 Muslims with bullets soaked in pig's blood. The idea behind the myth is that Muslims don't want contact with pork products. So, the pig's blood served as an additional deterrent.

The problem with the Pershing story that Trump has discussed several times is that it is 100 percent false. Pershing never rounded up dozens of people and shot them on site with bullets dipped in pig's blood. During America's occupation of the Philippines, the American military did engage in plenty of activities we would find disgraceful, but this story is simply false.

America has a president who responds to a terrorist attack by tweeting about things that didn't happen in order to glorify government-sponsored mass murder. On one hand, Trump can't condemn the KKK and nazis. On the other hand, he retweets fictitious stories designed to sell the idea that the mass murder of Muslims is acceptable. How can anyone deny the pathetic reality that Trump is a racist?

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He's mentally unstable. You can't discount the fact that he's also a racist.

Strange as it sounds i am not sure Trump is a racist. He is not opposed to racism. He is almost certainly a bigot but racist? I think he is is so lacking in  world view and such an opportunist that he simply utilizes racism and additional isms to advance himself. 

Had Trump been of opinion that espousing anti-racist and egalitarian ideals was a means to power then he probably would have. The guy is so mercurial and willy nilly that he is not as susceptible to ideology. 

Name calling can be emotionally satisfying but it's a waste of time.

Trump lives in the moment.  The problem with this is that the connection BETWEEN moments for him is poor at best, and as a result, so is any semblance of continuity to his actions, within at least SOME limits.  He is also a skilled panderer, and too much of what has come out of the Charlottesville incident is clearly his pandering to what may truly be said to be a "basket of deplorables."

Add this to the fact that he resists being corrected or informed once he makes up his mind and you have the genuinely dangerous entity which is Donald John Trump.

..I am not a fan of Arnold but I do appreciate what he had to say to Trump....



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