Trump is not the real problem. He's just a creative  and sadistic puppet.  The real problems are the religions that are forcing their followers to support him. Yes Fundamental Protestantism and right wing Catholicism, these are the real culprits.  Both hate democracy and have been trying to undermine ours for a very long time. They are finally succeeding.

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I think the real problem goes deeper than that and Trump and the Fascists are just a sideshow. We are to be distracted by the sideshow while they steal us all blind.
A right winger recently said that if Trump was seen walking across the Delaware River his enemies and critics would declare it was because Trump could not swim.
Funny comment for sure, but why are we getting this projected image that the man could walk on water in the first place? With Trump came the era of lies and nobody can see that "the emperor has no clothes." Our nation is more diveded than ever before because many cannot take criticism of this man at all just as he cannot take it himself.
I do have one thing in common with Trump. He recently said that he cannot believe he is president. Both he and I share that opinion.

It's a funny joke, but not original. It goes back at least as far as the Reagan presidency, when I first heard it.
As far as the real problem, Trump,  the Tea party, and anti government politicians embedded throughout the government are all tools. The goal of the toolmakers ia the destroy or government from within. You should be asking "Who benefits from this?"

People who don't ask "Who benefits?" don't know what's happening.

The toolmakers are much like the viruses our bodies have to destroy before they destroy our bodies. The battle never ends.

Very well said, Tom.

While I agree that Christian Evangelicals, Protestant and Catholic, are a huge part of the US authoritarian coup, it would be selective blindness to discount the power of corporations and billionaires. We have an illegitimate corporate-controlled administration and most of our congress as well. I count Gorsuch from the third branch as part of that as well. Dirty money has taken over, not just religious fanatacism.

For both Gary and Ruth, I see and can identify with your answers here. The problem is much more than just one man.

I'm reminded of my phone conversation with Sharon today, and she is deeply religious and I offer her remarks so we can more understand how the religious think. Sharon told me that Trump is president because her god wants him to be president, and that her god allowed him to be president. Theists think this way and they don't want any bad mouthing or disrespect.

I didn't tell her this, but by that line of thinking Hitler was over Germany because her god (or somebodies god) wanted him to be dictator of Germany, and that same god wanted him to kill 6 million Jews. Who knows? We are dealing with the mindframe of Christians here maybe god allowed their deaths because they didn't believe in him or wouldn't convert to Christianity. The logic of Martin Luther said it was OK to kill Jews because they killed Christ, who was also a Jew.

The world is strange. Today dirty money and religious fanaticism have become bed partners.

I agree Michael. I have also read that the Vatican was behind both Hitler and Mussolini during WWII.

The reason that I focus on religion here is that it is the hardest one to criticize in this country. As I have discussed elsewhere i think that religion is part of a 3 way deal between the politicians, wealthy indiv and corporation and itself as per this figure which is part of a book I'm writing,

Because religion has such a strong control of a large voting bloc and is off-limits to open criticism in political discussions, I don't think it will be possible to solve these other problems without first addressing its role.  As far as I can determine it is the present linchpin between big money and politics because of its control of votes.  Not being able to openly discuss this makes religion the 800 pound gorilla in the room. As I see that in so many other places in our society it is one of things that has made me focus on religion.

Eric, if you haven't already, you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy of One Nation Under God: How Corporate America Invented Christian America.  If any single element of your diagram started this mess, it's the lower left vertex of that triangle, and Kruse spells the story out in detail.

yes, read it, great book! - I recommend to all.  Also see Marie Elena Castle's "Culture Wars" also an amazng work that everyone should read.,

I too read "Under God" and liked it.
Also, I found Castle's book at Amazon and bought it. I have long believed that xianity influenced too many lawmakers.




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