Trump's Disregard for Truth Is Harming America, the Presidency and the GOP

Today he lied when he said the media do not report terrorism.

The list of his lies is too long to fit in this space and he appears to not know or care when he's lying.

When the people who voted for him begin to care, the GOP will pay arrention and start impeachment proceedings.

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You beat me to it, Daniel.  I'd bet that, given another two weeks, Keith could compile another 50 such actions, if not many more.  Drumpf is under a microscope right now, and the crap he's doing can't stand forever.

If Clinton can be impeached for getting a blow-job then Trump has far exceeded what it takes to be impeached.

I just watched the Olberman clip and several others. I'm late.

I understand a majority in the US House can impeach for any reason(s). Whether or not the Senate acts, I'll want to see Trump's tweets.

Pence has been stopped by the courts. He's probably not a fool.

Pence may not be a fool but he gives all the signs of being a christian dominionist.  Should he gain the presidency and try to push such an agenda through the government, or even if he should attempt such as vice president, I would expect the FFRF, the ACLU, Americans United and who knows who else to come down on him like a ton of bricks.

It would be one thing if Drumpf had operated carefully or without all the drama, but he hasn't, and both he and Pence are splashed with those mistakes.  As a result, there is media attention on them which they likely didn't want, and that isn't likely to abate anytime soon.  If either of them want to do something stupid, the response is liable to be both loud and immediate.

Loren, I will wage war when I see the enemy, not when I imagine him.

Fine ... and forewarned is still forearmed.

Loren, several years ago after I read of the symptoms of PTS, I realized that I'd been alert to danger and preparing to deal with it all of my adult life.
Metaphorically, I now have it on a leash and can leave it behind without concern that it will run away.

The more I read what is really going on the more I think that the GOP has to be embarrassed to death. Surely they must be thinking of some way out of this mess before the whole damn party comes crashing down. I used to hear about the ones running for this office as those who  got "on the Clown Car." Daily reporting now shows they cannot get it together and everybody is on a Clown Car. The Orange One is the head clown. Conway is a comedian. Drumpf regrets hiring Spicer. Nazi Bannon holds a position that is normally held by a high ranking military person. Lies are told right and left like playing a shell game. If the Marx Brothers were still alive they could make a good movie about this. Let's hope something is done before some idiot starts another war.

One of the biggest problems here is the continued defense of Drumpf by his supporters even as his ratings drop. You hear things like "nobody will work with him," or "nobody does what he says" as the problem. Why would they have ever thought that our government worked that way? The GOP didn't work with Obama at all and the public blamed Obama. This made the GOP happy and set the stage. They knew their day was coming. How long will it be before they realize their mistake?

Michael, who left the GOP's clown car first?

"Low energy" Jeb Bush, the GOP's choiice. With similar ridicule, Trump knocked the other leading candidates off. Trump's success with the GOP base panicked establishment Repubs.

Obama? Didn't he leave office with high public ratings?

I'm now reading former US Senator Barbara Boxer's memoir, The Art of Tough, in which she says the voters forgive a lot, but they don't forgive weakness.

Weakness, aka politeness, is liberalism's flaw.
Yeah, we and Beltway denizens.

Barbara Boxer, in her "The Art of Tough", quoted several, including these.

"Barbara Boxer is a great candidate for the Democratic Party: female and learning disabled."
-- Ann Coulter

"In the future, Barbara Boxer may be remembered as the Frau Doctor Mengele of the US Senate. Dr. Joseph Mengele, the Nazi war criminal who directed merciless human experiments, may have decided to come back, as a woman."
-- Michael Savage.

Do these belong in the Quotations discussion?

He claimed to know about terrorism not reported by the media.  So either he actually attended a briefing, or he heard it from the voice in his head.  The latter, I think.  

"When the people who voted for him begin to care ..."  Will that be before or after hell freezes over?  Or, for non-believers in hell, when the sun goes supernova?  His followers aren't wearing blinders, which partrially obscure vision; they're blindfolded.

"That so-called judge ignored the voices in my head. He wanted evidence."




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