Rapture budget? That sounds crazy. Indeed, I think the pieces of the GOP vision for our future are becoming clear, and it's literally out of touch with reality.

Pence says a budget is a moral document, and he's right. What morality explains starving your elderly and your poor kids, eliminating Meals On Wheels and after school meal programs? So that money can be used to massively bulk up your military and get a whole new arsenal of "tactical" nukes? End-Times morality. That explains why you need tactical nukes while you ally with Russia and right wing nationalist "Christian" European parties. That makes sense with Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State? It fits Bannon's stated political goals.

It seems the ultra rich and their GOP stooges don't intend to fight climate change at all, but instead craft a "Christian" end stage Fossil Fuel Civilization where corporations dominate people by force, using a "Clash of Civilization" war against Islam (and secularists) as their justification. They'll personally keep getting richer, using the same fossil fuel economics, crushing all opposition, right up till the moment that climate change makes the planet incompatible with organized society. Who would embrace such a dark vision? Christo-Fascists, like Pence, who expect that war with Islam fulfills prophecy and thus guarantees the Rapture.

Trump's budget is a concrete plan to facilitate the Rapture.

The Muslim Bans makes sense, if your #1 scapegoat is going to be ISIS and Islam in general. Maybe they think tactical nukes will let them steal Middle East Oil through threats and intimidation, even with alleged current allies like Saudia Arabia.

Of course open warfare will speed up climate change, since war has a heavy carbon footprint. Meanwhile it'll open up oil reserves in an ice free Arctic. Do you think the GOP's end stage society will last 80 years? Not the 1,000 years of Third Reich Glory, to be sure. But Twitler's not quite Hitler.

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Could religious-mythic insanity underlie the GOP alliance of Christian Fundamentalism and corporate power?

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A good lyric!

I'd rather see us stop and reverse that insane course. We need compelling stories of a sustainable, thriving future human civilization, stories that will out-compete the mythic insanity and "I've got mine, screw you" coopted to serve corporations' nonhuman, amoral goals of short-term profit at any cost.

(That also makes me think of the discussion "Terminator movies too comforting", about artificial superintelligences regarding humans as very possibly irrelevent to whatever their prime directives might be.)

Yes, the center of the blast zone seems a good place for me to be. 

Time to get moving this morning. 

Oh! Ruth! Christian Fundamentalism motivates its adherents to insanely accomplish its goals by careful breeding generations of babies and proselytizing others to put their faith in superstition.

I am scared! Really scared! 

Well, I can't control Fundamentalists, Christian or Muslim or Woo-Woo Masters. 

If Fundamentalism can be dampened down, then what is my remedy?Figure out a way to be healthy, happy, actively involved in my family and community, and to speak my truth to them and my representatives in Congress, and to join with others who share my belief, and to celebrate life with all its wonders!

If we cannot dampen down Fundamentalism, that probably means this planet will not survive the experiment they put us through,  Am I helpless or hopeless? I don't think I tolerate feeling helpless very well. So, what is my remedy under these circumstances? 

Do the same as I am doing now, only with the knowledge that my great-grandchildren will probably not have the quality of life that my generation experienced. 

Somehow, my fears diminish. Time to finish my letters to my Congress, have lunch, go out and plant my greenhouse. 

I try to channel my fear into letter writing and donations. But still get depressed about the political disintegration. Stay strong. Keep writing!


And what do they do when the Rapture refuses to happen?  Mostly, they die with the rest of us, having ruined the planet and billions of lives.

They create fear, confusion, doubt, and misery all around them. Stay focused to keep out of the black hole of depression. 


Joan, I do what I can, I don't do what I can't, and whenever the opportunity arises, I ADD to that first category.

That's about it.

That works for me!

I agree, Ruth. I find it odd that the news I read says outright that tRump has "egged on a new arms race" and that nobody has a problem with that. Have people gone nuts? Everyone should have a problem with that. We also know that the man wanted to be able to use our nuclear weapons. This should tell us something.

My view is that these Christo-Fascists are going to pacify the religious who would welcome the "end times" as they steal us all blind here and worldwide by force. It's all about money and we have to follow the money to understand it. Some of them just want to be richer even if they are stealing from the poor. Others in the current administration actually believe they might be forcing god's hand.

The irony is that we set back and do nothing while allowing this Orange Clown to do this. Would any other President in out history have gotten away with this so far? I doubt it. He would have been removed already.

Yup, that pretty much sums it up, Michael.

My view is that these Christo-Fascists are going to pacify the religious who would welcome the "end times" as they steal us all blind here and worldwide by force. It's all about money and we have to follow the money to understand it.

Now that Trumpcare is dead (at least for now) tRump has announced that he will focus on the budget next. I'm sure that von Clownstick and crew can give us lots to cringe about here also. Before this is over maybe a new book might come out called "The Art Of The Squeal." That's right. Cheeto and his GOP have become a Group Of Pigs.

The Rapture Budget is about to begin.


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