America is not the Greatest or Hottest Economy.

There is no National Emergency at the Southern Border.

Socialism is not presenting any threat to America's economy.
Since Sanders and AOC are not really socialists anyway.

Most of the drug deaths are not from drugs entering the southern border, they are mostly from prescription drugs and most illegal drugs enter through legal entry points.

War and Investigations are not affecting or threatening America's economy.
They are only threatening Trump's freedom, since he has been laundering dirty Russian and Mob money for decades.

Jnr. admitted the Russians funding his dad's golf courses, and that can be investigated as possible money laundering. 

Putin has definitely got Trump by the knackers.
Mueller and Trump's tax returns may be able to tell us how? 


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I made a point of skipping last night's address, but couldn't avoid reading about some of the talking points claims lies today.

Socialism isn't what Soviet Russia had; that was state capitalism. (As we've discussed on AN recently.)

Putin has definitely got Trump by the knackers.
Mueller and Trump's tax returns may be able to tell us how?

Let's hope we find out soon!

Ocasio-Cortez did a ripper take on Trump and his corrupting of the Republican party.

The Republican party is now as corrupt as their Godfather Trumpty Dumbty.

The fact that GOP is covering for Trump, makes them so corrupt, and they are even trying to hide Trumpty Dumbty's tax returns for him.
Probably because if they lose Trump, they may never have another Republican president for decades to come.  
Because all they have is losers and idiots like Ted Cruz. :)

Trump also failed to understand the meaning of Socialism.
Socialism in its purest form has no State or "Government Control" as Trumpty Dumbty implied.

The basic element of Socialism is worker (proletariat)  ownership of the means of production.

An example of this socialism is worker cooperatives, where the state / gov't is irrelevant.





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