Trump's Speech at the UN's General Assembly. Helpful or Harmful? Entirely So or Partly So?

Trump said "Rocket Man" was on a suicide mission, for himself and for his regime.

If no one told Adolf Hitler he was on a suicide mission before he invaded the Soviet Union, many people have said so since.

Did Trump put the world's other nations on notice?

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The United States has for decades, arguably since the Monroe Doctrine, been building an American empire.

We the American people haven't told our presidents to stop. Will the world's other nations tell us to stop?

In my opinion he made us look like throwbacks and a nation which has no intention of honoring commitments.

I think Trump's Maniacal U.N. Address Has Set America on a Course with Cata... best sums it up.

Trump’s speech defined the United States of America as a rogue state that prefers issuing threats to honoring its commitments.

Expect war with NK any day.  It's like two five year olds in a sandbox throwing things at each other.  No grown-ups to be found. 

This morning there was an article in FOX news about Kim Jung Un taking teenage sex slaves.  Obviously a planted article to get people fired up in indignation.  I feel sorry for South Korea.  It won't exist soon.

I feel the same way, Jerry. This reminds me of tissue-paper-reality feelings I had during the Cuban Missile Crisis. However, it's not likely only South Korea's existence at stake. Nuclear situations can get out of hand pretty fast when countries like India, Pakistan, and now the US delegate decision making lower on the military chain of command.

I don't even bother looking at FOX news, as it's a propaganda extension of the Republican Party rather than independent journalism. 

Yeah I agree but that makes it a useful tool for understanding what the Republican Party wants fed to the base.  It helps to understand where all sides are coming from, even if all sides are coming from somewhere deluded and manipulated.

I find it difficult to look at or hear the alt-right stuff, because it's so crazy and it makes me angry. You have more mental flexibility than I perhaps. It kinda makes me sick, like drinking poison. I don't have the mental resources to defend myself from the multi-level assaults, like all of the tropes which don't have the same literal meanings they're supposed to have.

I'm literal-minded, and prefer fantasy that's clearly identified as entertainment.

To me listening to FOX "news" is as attractive as spending hours immersed in Jim Jones propaganda. Even if his movement were as current and powerful as Koch-funded Republicans, I wouldn't have the "stomach" to watch it. I guess that makes me more mentally isolated than you are, Jerry.

It's a possibility.

You've likely heard the comparison about one person playing checkers when everyone else is playing chess?  I seriously doubt that Drumpf is even up to the subtleties of checkers as regards negotiating his way through any kind of crisis, international or otherwise.

Trump only alarmed the nations more -- concerning himself.  If there was any doubt that he is the toddler-in-chief...

C'mon, Susan, don't be hatin' on toddlers!  If Drumpf rated that high we'd have less to worry about ... I think!


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