Trump's Speech at the UN's General Assembly. Helpful or Harmful? Entirely So or Partly So?

Trump said "Rocket Man" was on a suicide mission, for himself and for his regime.

If no one told Adolf Hitler he was on a suicide mission before he invaded the Soviet Union, many people have said so since.

Did Trump put the world's other nations on notice?

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I won't watch all of a Trump speech. I might lose my last meal.

I heard only the snips MSNBC played. His saying Rocket Man is on a suicide mission was one of the few truths he has ever told. The UN needed to hear his challenge for them to do something.

Other leaders are wise to ignore what he says and pay attention only to what he does.

Will Democrats see and take advantage of the opportunities Trump is giving them?
Democrats won't take advantage of anything. I'm so fed up with the entire system I'm going to move to Denmark with Chris.
Don't tell her. It's a surprise :)
Kathy, would a nation as advanced as Denmark admit Americans?
Not the ones who voted for 45. So I'm good to go :)

Trump's speech was what happens when a hot-headed immature jerk becomes a leader.

To me it appeared he was saying "Bring it on" to a nuclear powered immature jerk.  

He just might.

The technical term is: "spoiling for a fight."  The scary thing is that Kim Jong-un may be smart enough to recognize that actually INITIATING an exchange with the United States would be an act of national suicide and simply won't do so.  His interest is in doing sufficient sword-rattling to force concessions to preserve his regime.

The SCARIER thing is that Drumpf isn't that smart.


Yeah that's my hope too.  Your dummy is smarter, I hope, than ours.

Let me think about this for a minute, our President of the United States called another head of state, 

"Rocket Man,"  and he responded 

"Honky Cat?"

Do we have two grown-ups dealing with one another or has Borowitz caught me in another of his satires? 

Susan, I like your name for Trump, "toddler-in-chief.."

Jerry, I shuddered asI read your, "To me it appeared he was saying "Bring it on" to a nuclear powered immature jerk."

Now, what are we to do? Just sit around and wait for the bombs to start falling. 

Andy, now, stop that! I am shivering in my socks as it is. 

Thanks, Joan!  Yes, Borowitz is satire.  That doesn't negated your first statement.  




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