Notice how fast Trump caved to China? When he's up against a real adversary he acts just like a LIBERAL!! HA HA, red-staters!!


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Follow the news for the past couple years on Drumpf and you'll discover that he is neither a closet liberal nor a conservative.  What he is is a self-involved narcissist (a description which is probably repetitively redundant right there!) who is utterly uncritical of his own actions while being hyper-critical of any negative feedback.  He is, of course, a clueless fool as well, though I mightily doubt if rubbing his nose in a massive mistake of his (witness what's happened with the travel ban) would ever cause him to admit as much, any more than he'd concede that he's in over his head in the Oval Office.

It should go without saying that all of the above makes him supremely dangerous, though neither he nor his followers would acknowledge that, either.  Are we having fun yet?

I agree, Loren.

I think it was Charlie Rose's show where I heard someone say that half of us is interested and involved in what Trump is up to. The other half simply ignore the whole shmear. Here is where we are divided, Loren. You'll find me in the latter group. I refuse to allow that crazed idiot stress me out.

Randall, I neither obsess about Drumpf nor worry excessively about him.  I AM, however, sufficiently concerned that I keep up a bit more than peripherally with what he is doing, certainly because what he does has an impact, but also because it frequently needs to be rebutted.  This means I'm something of a clicktivist, though I am a bit dubious at that strategy's efficacy, and I am also not shy about writing my congresspeople and others personally when the situation warrants it.  Whether my participation will extend beyond that or not is a function of what is going on at the moment and any trends I can divine which I think are sufficiently important to require my reaction.

If I do so, it is because Drumpf isn't just a rogue but because he is a clueless rogue, which makes him potentially far more dangerous.  And the fact is that keeping an eye on him doesn't take away from my time I enjoy here or listening to my system or playing with my cats or enjoying a drive.  It's Newton's Third Law of Motion, or rather a variation on that theme ... because I can't just sit on the sidelines.

I like the term clueless fool. Surrounded by the same.
I also love the protest of ACT. I was certain when the ones who voted for him got a taste of what's to come they would be forced to take a closer look at how ignorant #45 really is. As
Randall, calling Trump a crazed idiot requires some stress.

So you admit that conservatives WANT world war 3? 

Yea! If he were a true conservative he'd bomb Beijing.
Or create friction with all our allies. Or remove advantages to reusable energy sources. Or encourage oil drilling, fracking, and transporting. Or send all the furriners home. Or lower taxes on the rich. Or cut benefits for hungry families. Or shut down the public schools.
Oh, wait.
He's moving toward all these.
The true mark of a so-called conservative is caring only for self.
He passes the test!

Some of you are taking this seriously? This is just my way of getting under the skin of the liberal-hating Trump-supporters.

Do we have any liberal-hating Trump supporters here?

I put it on this site so others who also want to get under their skin can too when they have the oppportunity.  Duh?

The Orange Cheeto has been bankrupt 4 times and was elected on a banner of "make America great again." His own failed clothing franchise was made in China. I can only imagine that his daughter's line is likewise made in China along with items being sold by most of the rest of his family. Certainly we don't want to piss off China.

Our problems are only starting here as this group of Christofascists want to take over and change many things within our government. Even the infamous "travel ban" with "this is about the security of our nation" seems openly bogus. How did it come up so quickly and why implement it even after a 90 to 120 day court battle? Surely the "enemy" could have figured out the move by then and changed tactics. Cheeto will push it in order to look good and prove that he can get his way.

Just my opinion but I think the travel ban is really about business practices of him and his family in some way. Keep in mind that without the record of his tax returns we know zilch about his business practices. He wants to keep it that way also.




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