I have been wondering why Trump whom doesn't appear to be religious has been so involved with the Christian Evangelicals as I suspect we all have. I truly hope I am not simply quote mining or coming to any prepositional conclusions here.  But often we can ascertain ones motives by what they themselves actually say. Sometimes we just got to take one at their word. So I would proffer that we at least consider President Trumps words.  

 On July 27 2017, President Trump had a meeting with many prominent Evangelical leaders and according to the report from the Religious News service, stated "Now this is the group with the real power."  "They have influence with God."

 Now whether God is real or not if people are perceived to have influence with God then they have influence over religious people. This I have no doubt is completely understood by President Trump. So is it all really just about power?


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CU, way back when Reagan was president, the GOP needed more voters. The evangelicals were conservatives and obedient to their leaders, so GOP leaders told Reagen to invite them to join the Party.

When Trump decided to run as a Republican he knew whose votes he would need.

It was about winning the election; he said what evaangelicals wanted to hear.

 It appears they still have their uses. It is ashamed when people are dehumanized according to their uses...enemas also have their uses....

Seems to me he's been told he has to play the religious part.

Whatever it is, it is dangerous. Trump is currently attacking the secular Johnson Amendment which prevents evangelicals from endorsing politicians. He wants to prevent enforcement. He obviously intends to get the evangelical vote in 2020 as he did in 2016.

One reason is painfully simple: Trump exploits people.  If he thinks that a particular voting bloc will put him over the top, he will play and pander to them and get from them what he wants ... which he did in 2016.  Whether he can get away with that in 2020 – indeed, whether he can even GET to 2020 in the White House – remains an unresolved question.




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