I am secure in my beliefs, I have been since I was about 12. However, I know few people who share my ideals. I recently changed jobs and everyone is going around praising Jesus. I work at a place that "helps" people so I suppose I should have expected many people there trying to save their soul. However, I was not ready for this. I need a sane place!

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"Faith-based" social services. :( Best of luck (I friended you as a fellow floridian)
I see Jeebus paraphernalia everywhere I go. It's not enough to have an invisible friend, apparently they have to flaunt their religious merchandise as well.
Tara, thanks for joining. I knew you couldn't resist!! My job is pretty bad- they make me attend church with the kids on Sunday. So, are you proud I joined the 90's with a computer and all?
I once filed a discrimination complaint with the Illinois Department of Human Rights. I was called in for an interview and while I was waiting in the Illinois State Department of Human Rights, the secretaries there gabbed on an on about church. I dropped the complaint.
I decided to take notes at work, about how many times that line is crossed, just to amuse myself. I thought it would make people curious what I am doing, and maybe they will be quiet around me. lol
Welcome, I hope you find this a sane place. Still it doesn't hardly make up for your situation IRL.




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