I went to the site supposedly having it but it's not there.

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Bill, this torrent should work -


You'll need a torrent client. This one is quite good and simple -


(If you're unfamiliar with torrents, then this feels kind of like giving heroin to school children)
I'll try the torrents,but my antiquated pc(running ME) likely won't work on that system.At present financial considerations prevent me from getting a better system.
(Thanks for the heroin!) They also had Religulous on the same site
felch grogan - Thanks for the info and especially for the link to the torrent client.

For the first time ever I have been able to download a bit torrent file.
No worries. Buy a Pirate Bay t-shirt.
If anyone needs some morphine, I still have some Demonoid(private tracker requiring membership to search and download) invites
I finally saw it as a rerun program on TV last night. SO worth watching at least once!
I was going to suggest "with a stiff drink in each hand" but you meant technical difficulties...
Ha! I'll keep your advice in mind.
I was going to suggest "With a barf bag handy..."

And as both Jesus Camp and Religulous are small indie movies, I'll be a film-geek-advocate and suggest that you do eventually buy the films. Yes, I'm guilty of downloading Religulous illegally when I was too poor to even feed myself properly. But my order is now in for a legal copy so I can say Bill Mahr got my tiny donation. ;-)

Both are indeed excellent, excellent movies.
I wasn't that impressed with "Religulous". It had its moments, but...




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