Tunisian hottie says "her body's her own" to fundamentalist corrupt. No fear. That's life! Secular or bust bitches!

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You're right, why lie ? but let's not put words in her mouth.

Gladly signed ... why should her self-expression be censored?

I signed on, in part because she is very, very "hot," as you so crudely put it.  The other part is, I think we see plenty of the same attitude here in cracker conservative pols with their ideas about vaginal invasion and anti-contraceptive anti-abortifacient stupidities that they would not dream of putting on males.  My late friend Ellie always said, "If men could have babies, there wouldn't be all this pro-life stuff," and she was right.  (Although a Baptist, she was pro-choice.)  Actually, the same position statement was lodged by the now-famous Russian rock group, Pussy Riot, and look what happened to them.  Russians are also incredibly homophobic, but at least they don't behead you for being gay.  They just get drunk on wodka and give their children to orphanages that won't allow Americans to adopt.


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