ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — A Turkish court on Monday convicted top Turkish pianist and composer Fazil Say of denigrating religion through comments he made on Twitter and handed down a 10-month suspended prison sentence, his lawyer said. 

Apparently Mr. Say, who has played with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, the Berlin Symphony, and other world class orchestras, made a comment considered disparaging to Islam on his Twitter account.  Criticizing a short call to prayer, he mused that the muzzein must have had a waiting mistress or a glass of alcohol to get to. And another, comparing heaven to a tavern or a house of ill repute.

And, the current Turkish government wonders why they're application to the European Union keeps getting delayed.

Article here.

In other news, the Islamist group Al-Shabaab (a/k/a Mujahideen Youth Movement) - linked to Al Qaeda - murdered 30 people in Mogadishu, Somalia. Must have been for the glory of Allah, which means if they slaughter enough people, destroy the fledgling government of Somlaia, they can institute Sharia law for fun, profit (or international piracy as it's know in the rest of the world), and finally get rid of those pesky prohibitions against doing an honor killing on your sister or mother for showing a bit of ankle in public.

Article here.

Religion - keeping people enslaved since the first con man met the first fool. (With apologies to Mark Twain).

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Michael, I agree with you, but I wouldn't say that Obama is unable to see the clear threat of the above-mentioned countries reverting further back to the 7th Century.  Mr. Obama is a smart man, but what is the United States to do?  If we intervene, we are accused of meddling and, worse, of waging a religious war:  Islam vs. Christianity.  If we sit idle and watch, we are accused of being non-complacent or, worse, hypocrites; desiring to advance democracy and human rights, but not willing to assist in the effort.   

TFA, Obama has already interfered, he bombed the hell out of Gaddafi, he's sending 20 F-16 jets to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. He is a first-class moron. He egged-on the Arab Spring with his fevered rhetoric: "Mubarak must go", "winds of change", "There is something in the soul of men that cries out for freedom", etc.

The great "community organiser" is completely clueless about the doctrine of Islam and the need to organise some sort of Islamic reformation before toppling dictators. He looks to Indonesia and Turkey as models for Muslim countries. But those countries are errant instances of Muslim countries: their relative peace and democracy exists in spite of the doctrine of Islam. They exist against the odds.

Obama's mentality all boils down to the emancipation/liberation of the underclass. He thinks all folks are reasonable and freedom-loving when freed from oppression. But the doctrine of Islam says otherwise.

But in his defence, most politicians are equally insane.

But you are right, we cannot and should not do more meddling in Muslim countries. The only sane policy towards Islam, given that we cannot reform it, it to leave it the hell alone i.e. a containment policy. That's the best we can do. Stop Muslim immigration into the West and contain the problem in their lands.

We should only interfere in the Arab world if we were to do something on an epic scale such as burning every Koran and re-indoctrinating every Arab. But no-one has the stomach for that, so a containment policy is the only thing left to do.

I feel that atheists should not depend on any political power. Whenever and wherever needed, as in Turkey and Bangladesh, atheist world over should try to exert pressure on these bigoted governments through their own strength. The Reason Rally in the US was a demonstration of such a strength and such things have to happen again and again, in such frequency and such strength that every extremist nation should come to understand that atheist are not easy to meddle with.

I really hate to hear this.  There had been so much hope.  When will they ever learn?


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