A couple I WAS best friends with are christians. When I had an epiphany that I have always been an atheist I told them. The husband of the couple apparantly had bad-mouthed me behind my back. Good riddance to fake friends!

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Thanks,TheNerd. It had been an 18 year friendship and it was just in 2009 I faced the truth I am atheist. Thanks for the support. It's really bullshit because I never rubbed my atheism in their face and tolerated them talking about their imaginary friend. I even went to their child's baptism.
Plenty of godless friends to be made out there, it just takes a bit of looking :)
Good to know because I need some. I am surrounded by believers here.
Tell me 'bout it, I'm from Italy :D
Great comment! No,I didn't lose. I gained a more peaceful life without them. Ironic I was looked down on for my atheism and I am more moral. They live far from a saintly life.
This is so true.
thank you,ProgRockGirl:)
Now you'll find the friends you make are more likely to be up-front and honest about their relationships. And, you'll hold them a little closer.
Well said,dolo724! Thank you....I have been lucky enough to have found a wonderful online atheist friend. She in fact,told me about this site.




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