I was not really sure where to post this, but here seems a good a place as any.

Was anyone else a witness to the hilarity that ensued on Twitter on October 20th?

For all who don't know what happened: Apparently Reverend Run tweeted the old standard, "Know God... Know Peace. No God... No Peace." Many of his followers then retweeted the phrase, and the frequency of these tweets in combination with others who had tweeted "no god" caused "no God" to be listed as a trending topic. Once twittering atheists noticed this, they did their best to bump the phrase up to the #1 trending spot. They succeeded, which drove theists to insanity. They furiously attempted to quash the outpouring of atheist sentiment, while failing to realize that by tweeting that people stop using the phrase "no God", they were contributing to its success as a trend. This went on for hours, until Twitter removed the trend and then combined it with and listed it under "Know God". Many are now jokingly (and maybe not so jokingly) calling for Oct. 20th to be known as "No god day".

I was just wondering if anyone here helped contribute to the trend or noticed any funny tweets. There were a lot of hilarious ones from Christians to be found and I can post some if anyone's interested.

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This is one of the few good things to come out of Twitter. Thanks for posting about it. Gave me a good laugh.
No problem, it was quite funny to watch!
Yes :-) I was an active part of it "No God Know Peace"

Well there's also an idea to have a #nogodtuesday ;-)

All my Tweets (I think I got up to 60) are viewable on my Page here on A/N.
I apparently had no balls, so I only tweeted it once. I was also deliriously tired, but that's no excuse. I like the idea for #nogodtuesday, I just did a quick check and it seems to be getting a slow but steady start!
Yes I checked in this morning too. Lol.

It's on the second level list as No God now.

I just got laid off so other than looking for a job I had time on my hands to play :-).

It was totally hilarious.

Twitter actually got overwhelmed a couple of times which is why I suspect they removed it from the TT and combined it with "Know God".

I suspect they were trying to slow it down but all that happened was more people Tweeting and complaining about Censorship. Lol.




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