The US has the world's largest number of prison inmates per 100,000 population. 

United States 743   Israel 325
France          362   United Kingdom 206
Canada         117   Japan 59
Hong Kong     141   South. Korea 99
Australia        133
But, odd though it might be, that in the outrageous number of 743 per 100,000. there are a tiny number of politicians, members of the upper 2 or 3% of the ultra wealthy (In terms of income inequality the US follows only Hong Kong and Singapore.) or Wall Street manipulators - except for poor Bernie who died for their sins.
Color me a wacko conspiracy theorist and hit me with a stick, but doesn't it suggest there are two justice systems in the US. Or perhaps the politicians, the wealthy and Wall Street citizens are just soooo much more ethical and law abiding than the common herd.

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It does seem a bit of an odd coincidence, doesn't it? How about that guy, what's his name, Rangell(?), who was like in charge of the ethcis counsel or something and got caught accepting bribes and various other ethics violations, and then his punishment was only to get censored? I guess justice is only for the poor and the rich guys who do completely outrageous things.

Rep. Charley Rangell (D-NY).  I'm astonished that a Congress person would take a bribe it's so unlike them. < snark> It would probably be a much shorter list to name the ones who don't take bribes – the rich buy pretty much what they want.

This much should be obvious, it is no coincidence... and the powerful often are less ethical because of what they had to do to get powerful. 
Yeah any way that was a good point, it drove me nuts that MT was completely blind to the fact that socioeconomic status has a lot to do with what your life options are. Rich people don't find themselves stealing or prone to sociopathic behavior because they have more options, but when you give a man no options and he can't find any solutions to his problems, that's when people start thinking that criminal behavior just might be a plausible course of action.
There is a saying that goes something like this: A rich man would be arrested for stealing a loaf of bread just as a poor man would.  Anyone know the exact quote?
A poor man has the right to sleep under a bridge just as a rich man does.

Your right, but when the rich man steals billions and starts wars to make profit, no one is the wiser. It's a theft to complicated for the common people to understand - or maybe they are just apathetic and defeatist... being fed propaganda instead of factual news (because the elite own the traditional media and are attacking alternative media) doesn't make it any easier to understand.


Being called a conspiracy theorist, a terrorist, or just unamerican are the main code words in US fascism.


The banking system exploits 99% of the population? 'That's just a conspiracy theory'

Everyone is fed what to think, the facts be damned, falsified, twisted or plain dismissed. Conspiracy is the most common way to gain power, so to say there are no conspiracies is absurd. 

I think MT has a comfy nest and a little to much fog on his rose colored glasses.




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