Two more pages from American Theocracy. Very telling. And some story time.

This may be way off subject but I have relatives from Cuba which had to come through another south/central American country to get to Florida to meet up w/their parents whom already got here through a deal/lottery process used on the island. The catch is they had no other option but the baptist (dunking and all) church. At the funeral of one of their mothers the church reps were doing their latin gig talking about armeggedon and all that crap; it made me sick. Just thought I'd throw that in the mix. Somehow Cuba is dealing with serious latin end-timers; surely enough to piss off folks like me. So surely I'm going to investigate this book's index on such a connection.

Also saw this article on BBC about teen depression leading to bad adult life...
I'll tell ya this much. When you're kept in privy school and go back and forth with a counselor that you want out during junior year due to the depression that faith/church etc. fickle students etc give a freethinker like myself... I'm not depressed so much about the time wasted as I'm a hater of the faith$ that hold back the minds expansion. I don't feel sorry for exposing the exploitation.
Anyhow, if it were not for technology, punk music and skateboarding coming to town in the late 80's who knows what shape I'd be in. Vocational-tech school offered me a door and I took it. Commercial art, Apple computer and all the lessons learned. Funny how the vaticant (some priests) do teach evolution, say to get along w/atheists; in reality their sheep are not so wise; their sheep are haters not lovers.

BTW, this song is the goods:
funny it was not released in the U.S.. Only the Euro LP
something brewing in Euro land, last I heard my relatives in Ireland were not happy about the megaloudchurches... they're still dealing with fallout from the vaticant and substance abuse/robberies etc.. just like us, well, some areas of the U.S. that is.


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