Islam, today, invites strong comments. Many persons have expressed strong reservations about Islamic character, present and the past, and deep worries about the world’s future because of the great threat the Islamic extremism represents to human civilization. What is it that holds the power to soften Islam? How far it will succeed in doing it? Read on and comment.                                                         


“India has been a target for al Qaeda and the global jihadist movement for over a decade. India has often been listed by bin Laden and his accomplice Ayman Zawahiri as a part of the ‘Crusader-Zionist-Hindu’ conspiracy against the Islamic world. The targets of the killers in Mumbai—Americans, Brits, Israelis and Indians--fit exactly into the profile al Qaeda and its partners vilify and plot against. Both bin Laden and Zawahiri have spoken about the “U.S-Jewish-Indian alliance against Muslims.”

(Bruce Riedel, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy, Saban Center for Middle East Policy, The Brookings Institution)


More importantly, Indianized Islam is probably the most sophisticated and liberal Islam in the world, because of its prolonged nurturing in the Indian soil. Islam needs the same kind of Reformation as Christianity underwent in the past few centuries. India, with its long experience of Islam co-existing with other religions, its large Muslim population, and its Hindu-Buddhist experience, is the ideal environment for Islamic liberalization. Islamic majority nations lack the experience of pluralism, democracy, and the Hinduism-Buddhism environment. Western countries have too small a Muslim population, and too recent an encounter, to be incubators. India is the ideal climate for a breakthrough.

(Quoted from

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‘Crusader-Zionist-Hindu?  WTF?  How does that even work?


Re: ‘Crusader-Zionist-Hindu’ conspiracy against the Islamic world.

I think you need to perhaps re-evaluate what you perceive as "The News" in supposedly "serious media" (e.g. NY Times, Wash. Post, CBS/NBC/ABC, NPR, etc.etc.) and identify it for the right wing zionist propaganda that it actually is.  Remember Judith Miller, Michael Gordon, George Packer, Matthew Iglesias, Thomas Friedman, Christopher Hitchens, Fareed Zakaria (the list is soooo long) and all the other 'thoughtful' journamalists who screetched and screamed that the colored-people gonna git ya' so we gots to attack right now?!  They gots weapons-of-mass-destruction!  Saddam's wants to Rule The World!  Remember that horse-poo?

Well, the stuff they're blabbering now about Syria and Iran and silly bomb-plots in India are:





Right-wing, zionist/military-industrial-complex horse-puckey.  Sole purpose?  Create yet another distraction so that (mostly) Eastern Europeans can steal more land & water in Palestine - and making the One-Percenter/Carlyle-groupers even richer.  Period.

Don't listen to it.  It is bad for you.  Turn off the fake News.  Listen to this instead:

See?  Now you're tapping-your-foot.  And you're smiling.

Stephen McMahon

Please do not understand the above quotes as my personal opinions. That is why I have specifically stated the sources. I just want to place the two sides before people here as I feel there is some meaning to the contrast shown by the two quotes.

Well ... OK, but the first of those sides (and maybe both, I'm not so sure about the Indian 'side') is a direct result of NY/Tel Aviv propaganda.  It's just Islamophobic advertising.  Point being that it is not, in any way, a real or true 'side' of the issue.  It is manufactured hate-speech so that (mostly) Eastern Europeans can steal more land & water in Palestine.  Period.  It has nothing to do with anything else.  And certainly not Islam.

It would be like saying "let's compare two sides of the smoking issue" and describing them as:

1.  People preferring Real Tobacco Taste, versus

2.  People preferring a milder, pleasanter blend.

But nothing in there about, ya' know, lungs and cancer & stuff.

Islam, like many other religions particularly in poor, war-ravaged areas where basic needs such as food, health and shelter have been decimated by the capitalist war-machine, serves a purpose attempting to provide at least a modicum of such services to people who are being genocided out of existence - in return for converts.  Yeah, they'll listen to your religion pitch if you hand them a bowl of rice and some drinking water and a little healthcare.  And they might even believe a little of it - down the line.  But that's about it.

They're trying to survive.

BTW, for a pretty good, untainted analysis of the recent New Delhi false-flag attacks:

Of particular note is zionist PR-hack Ethan Bonner's NY Times piece where he opines, in a supposed "News Story" no less:

"If actually carried out by Iran (implying they were), the attacks would be another indication that the leadership in Tehran was willing to reach beyond its borders against its enemies and expand its attacks to civilians."

No Ethan, the only folks who reach beyond (their) borders against its enemies and expand its attacks to civilians these days are Israel and the United Snakes.

Stephen McMahon

The bomb attack on an Israeli vehicle has more than what we can see. India is heavily dependent for supply of crude and gas on Iran  and thus is totally reluctant to hurt it's relations with that country. Israel, due to its self interests, views Iran as the biggest terrorist country, while actually that honour should rightfully go to Pakistan. The west now wants to impose sanctions on Iran and wants to drive a wedge between Iran and India.

Stephen McMahon

Well ... OK, but the first of those sides (and maybe both, I'm not so sure about the Indian 'side') is a direct result of NY/Tel Aviv propaganda.  It's just Islamophobic.

No, this not a propoganda and Islamophobia. You are not probably aware that there have been more than 60,000. victims of Islamic terrorism in India in last sveral years.


more than 60,000. victims of Islamic terrorism in India in last sveral years

So this is terrorism which, to me, implies a purpose for the terror.  A goal.  Am curious.  What would be the goal, in India, of the 'Islamic' terrorists?

Stephen McMahon

The India-Pakistan feud has deep histirical routes. The muslims were rulers of India for several centuries. Needless to say, most of their rule was full of atrocities. This has caused an unending Hindu Muslim rift. The muslims lost their dominating position a few centuries ago, They remained dreaming of the past glories while Hindus took to modern education, thus the Muslims became a backward community. They still had the ambition of capturin back the Indian subcontinent and declared that they would fight a 1000 years war to bleed India. The secessation of Bangladesh also has hurt them badly and since Independence, they have trained their eyes and guns on Kashmir.

The Pakistani terrorism has been going on for many years now.

arnab banerjee

Let me, just for a moment, not argue on your point. Imagine that all muslims in India were extremists and wanted to sabotage Indian life.  Then, wouldn't be the history of India vasly more different? Could we have had persons like  Abdul Kalam serving India instead of Pakistan? I have myself withessed a TV interview in which M J Akbar, the wellknown freelance journalist, aksed the then Pakistani foreign minister " Do you really still believe that Pakistan should be a Muslim country?" Arnab, had you seen Kasuri's reaction at that time, you might not have asked this question. Do you know Javed Ahtar, Kaifi Azmi, Shabana Azmi? May I have to go on naming? You are staying in a secular city and in a largely secular society. This could be of great help to you in formulating your opinions.

Arnab, you are yourself lamenting that the Indian society is not changing fast enough. How do yo expect that every muslim should have changed by now in 65 years?

I think that you must have noticed my above comment that the two sides above are not my personal opinions.

This a topic solely related to India. If you want, we can continue this discussion on Indian Atheists, as I do not think many here will find interest on purely a local matter.

i am all for a positive change of Indian society. i want india to renounce god, be more scientific. but i don't want to keep a race(muslims) whose religion started with hatred and finished with hatred.

so far as abdul kalam, javed akhtar, shabana azmi are concerned, they can lie know? these kind of people can lie on open camera.

none of us know what goes behind the camera.

if we exclude muslims, god and meaningless rituals from indian society and include science, won't it be a better society?

Arnab Banerjee,

I do not think that I can argue this subject with you to a logical end. I can only point out that a wholesale hate is called FASCISM.


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