Two wrongs don't make a right. my input on police violence 

this was 6 years ago and it has some violent scenes.

George Floyd's death is portrayed as just a problem about race. Even though it is in that situation but police have been known to be the worst members of our specie. Most of them are sadistic,
we should hold police officers to stricter laws. Even capital punishment for minor abuse of the law.
There are tons of videos of police officers hit people, women, and kids in the face. 
In a perfect world the police officer and all the squad should be on trial for murder.
enjoy the youtube link. I am too tired to write anything coherent. 

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I am not ready to paint ALL police officers with one color. Nor do i deny that police have a lot of rotten apples. Certain professions attract certain  archetypes-am betting that police are disproportionately represented by those with black/white thinking, authoritarian proclivities and bigotry. 

So what do we do about it? Nothing, of course. We are human!  However in a world dominated by rationalism we would have personality evaluations and deny those rotten apples. Sorry, rotten apple, ya don't get into the police academy.  Ya ever bite into an apple and there is a worm? 

While I abhor police violence, it's not logical to condemn them as mostly sadists. Police violence is an outcome of systemic problems, not personal psychological pathology. If every individual were replaced but the institutions, policies, and power dynamics stayed the same, we'd have the same horrid situation.

I totally agree with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Ocasio-Cortez said lawmakers, politicians, and anyone else making such calls must make sure that there is no demand for an end of protest that is not coupled with demands for "measures that actually liberate people in their lives from the oppression of economic and social inequity."

'If You Want to End Unrest, End the Conditions That Create It,' Dec...

Ruth you have made an assertion without evidence.

So humans are all the same? No innate differences? You don't suspect that raping/molesting priests seek out that profession because of opportunities to rape/molest and have the protection of the church? You don't think empathic and compassionate people seek to help by becoming nurses. And then countenance horrible and oppressive work conditions and yet retain their professionalism and compassionate nature? You think politicians are not more often psychopaths/narcissists than the population at large? It is the environment that creates those characteristics once they become politicians?  




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