Hello from Granite Falls, Washington. My name is Tyler James and I was born sixteen years ago in a hospital. I grew up all over the place in Washington. I have only left the state three times in my life, which too me, is not enough. I also grew up in a mix between a religious and nonreligious family so I got to choose which was more logical to me. Having an all powerful God spy on me all my life and judge me indefinatly on the decisions he makes for me did not sound great. I chose the nonreligious path but I still stay moral and I try my best to not be rebellious and a problem to society. I hope I will be able to contribute to this forum for a while as I have Forum commitment issues. I can't stay on one for more than a month without being bored of it so, hopefully this one will be different.

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Remember, morals can exist. It just depends on what you want them to be though, not what a damn fictitious man-made books tells you. :-)


P.S. You're right, a menace to society probably isn't a good idea. LOL.




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