We learn something new every day, and it was here in Atheist Nexus that I became aware of Robert G. Ingersoll for the first time. I knew that more on him could be found in You Tube and there I went, not to be disappointed. The problem was in the comments below where some nasty Christian lady posted her remark:

                      "dead and gone and burning in Hell now for 114 years."

   Oh, my. I just had to reply to that one. She has to be shown some of the error of her belief.


   You need to read your Bible more so you understand what it says. The book says the dead know not anything and you have a man tortured in Hell now for 114 years. How can that be? Nobody is in Hell. There has been no resurrection or any great white throne judgement. Surely these come before going to Hell. You also have Ingersoll in a Hell that has no Devil. The Bible says that the Devil is the god of this earth and that he goes back and forth as a roaring lion seeking those whom he may devour. Is the Devil going back and forth from the earth to Hell? If so, does he not feel any pain while here in the earth but only feel it in Hell? That would hardly seem fair. Maybe you think the other fallen angels are in charge of Hell right now but the Devil will take over once he gets there. I really suggest that you read your Bible more so as to know what you are talking about.


   I know your type. I can tell by the way that you write. You're one of those atheists who thinks that the Internet is where God and religion comes to die, but let me inform you of the news. The body hasn't rotted or decayed yet, and in fact is very much alive. I'm happy to report that Jesus Christ is changing lives and doing more every day.

  It didn't matter that she didn't answer my questions. What mattered in this short discourse is that she apparently knew the truth of what I wrote but would not address it in any way. I dropped the issue and did not reply again simply because her mind is made up and you cannot change it. From her answer I can assume she has had other conversations of this type. Maybe at some future time she can recall this and view it differently. Until then I view her as a typical theist.

   Any comments?

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A place where you go after your body dies. I call it the ground, unless they burn you up and scatter the ashes. One of my pet peeves is being at a funeral and the body is put into the ground when some moron says immediately after that "he's up there in Heaven now." Can this person not see? Is he blind? One thing is for sure. He can't think.

Over the years I've had similar arguments with Theists and my conclusion is the same as yours few have read their Holy Book of BS. The most recent were two young man from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints (Mormons) or as a friend of mine calls them morons.  I introduced myself and told them that if they had come to save my soul they could leave because I was an atheist but if they were here to dabate the veracity of their religion they came to the right place.  It was obvious from their expression that were not sure what do but the leader who called himself William stayed to script and was about to ask "Have you heard of the Book of Mormon"?  I cut him off and said yes and I've also read it along with the Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price.  Again there was look of uncertainity as to what their next move might be and I almost laughed at the expression of the other young man Jordan, who kept looking at William waiting for him to answer.  Finally William ask if we could pray together which I answered no I don't pray I'm an atheist.  He then wanted me to take a card which has a prayer on it which I refused and added that prayer is nothing more than talking to yourself.  William and Jordan thanked me for my time and was about to leave when I ask how they felt about the recent revelation that Joseph Smith actually had 40 wives. Jordan looked at William who shook his head and they left.  I believe I saw a crack in their holy armor or is it their holy underware...Whatever.

LOL!  Wasn't Lee Elder a pro golfer?

I don't remember...I'm elderly, too.  (Golf was something I watched while waiting for a Class A news show on Sundays.  Effing BORRRRRRRING!)

A little channel surfing tonight and I run across "Sleepy Hollow." The info says "Abby is trapped in Purgatory while Ichabod is buried alive." Now I know why I never watched that show. LMAO here. You also have to concept of a man walking around with no head.

Make you a bet the creators of this thing are theists.

Despite his agnosticism, Ingersoll was a very popular speaker in his day. He had a great sense of humor and used it against the religious pretensions of the times. He was a successful lawyer and a Civil War veteran. He had a magnificent house on the site of the present Gramercy Hotel in New York City. His little poem is well worth remembering:

Happiness is the only good.
The time to be happy is now.
The place to be happy is here.
The way to be happy is to make others so.

Definitely one person I wish I could have met...   I have Dan Barker's version of that poem that he set to music on my hard drive, but I don't know how to add it here.



I'm dashing through the "oh"....my files are wma, not MP3....they won't load. 

Too bad, iit's a pretty song.

Well, I found a site where you can convert audio files...let's see if it worked....

Didn't... shirt!

In the mid season finale of "The Walking Dead" one of the main characters, Beth, gets killed off. The after program for this show called "the Talking Dead" is where everything about the show is discussed. It was said that now "Beth could find comfort in the arms of her father." It matters little if they meant her father in the show who was killed before her, or if they had implied God, the creator of all things. The effect is the same. Now we have a sci fi horror show  in which the general public has injected ideas of an afterlife.

I would call this move typical theist.




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